Choosing the Right Web Performance Tool – A Bird’s Eye View

These days more and more developers and operations managers are turning to web performance tools so that they can work harder and faster. And it won’t be wrong to say that more than hard work, with these performance testing solutions, you can also work in a smarter way.

According to market trends, consumers are opting for innovative web solutions and tools that will enable entrepreneurs to easily implement the same and at the same time not strain their wallets. As such, web application testing as well as monitoring software has become a part and parcel of every business so that they can serve their clients better.

Benefits of performance testing

Performance testing can be referred to as the process with the help of which you can find out whether or not the device/software that is being tested has been manufactured as per standards claimed by the manufacturer. Investing in reliable synthetic monitoring tools is advisable, especially if you are concerned about the performance, securities, and issues that your business will encounter.

Across the globe, organizations have “bullet- proofed” their web sites so that they can make optimum usage of their bandwidth and handle large volume of web traffic with ease. Given below are details of the benefits of website performance testing.

  • If you want to find out if your servers are configured in an optimum manner for the best performance, the same can be found out by website performance testing. Servers play an important role in any e-business or e-commerce. Unless the servers are working fine, you will not be able to get the best results.
  • One of the best parameters to judge whether your website performance tool is working fine and giving you best returns by knowing if the website is configured for the mobile and the other hand held devices. These days almost all individuals want to carry out their business and other online activities (regardless of whether it is booking a ticket, booking a hotel room, taking an appointment with a medical practitioner, or browsing for the best deals on the virtual world) while they are on the move. Unless the websites are compatible with the hand held devices, as an entrepreneur, you might lose out on many leads and prospective buyers. Whether or not the website has a mobile version and is optimized for the same can be best judged by website performance testing.
  • The speed of the website can also be ascertained with the right performance testing tool.
  • How much web traffic can your website handle? This is crucial because if your website has a large volume of web traffic and it is not being able to handle the same, your business suffers.
  • At any one point of time, how many users can navigate through the website?
  • You can also find out whether or not your database code is a bottleneck.
  • You will also be able to identify which lines of .NET/Java/PHP/Ruby and others are causing the problem.

As far as performance testing is concerned, it can be quantitative and qualitative. In case of the former, it can mean finding out the response time. And when it comes to qualitative traits, it includes scalability, reliability, and above all interoperability.