Best Quick Website Creation Tools for Free

Most people recommend using the services of a qualified and acclaimed web designer to get your own website up and running without underlining the fact that this can cost you a lot. On the flipside, doing it yourself is not an exciting option unless you are well familiar with how programming languages work. Well, this would have been true if not for several top professional website builder tools available on the web. And, the good news is that many of them are absolutely free!

Website BilderTtools

IM Creator

IM Creator leads the way because this incredibly popular web building tool makes it so much easier for you to create a website no matter for what purpose. Whether you want a personal portfolio website or a carefully designed business site, IM Creator has in it to make it happen for you. Simplicity is the key as far as this web building tool is concerned since you can make a business website with complete features in not more than one hour. From social media integration to content management and other business tools, your website can have it all if you use IM Creator. Further, you will have the luxury of choosing from thousands of free templates and a free hosting account as well.

Google Sites

Google Sites is not far behind in the race for the best online professional website builder tools. And, we all know that Google rarely misses the mark with its products. Thankfully, Google Sites is considered one of the best in the business for you to create a beautiful and functional website all on your own without any external help whatsoever. Thanks to integration of WYSISYG interface, creating and editing your website becomes a lot easier as you get to have a constant preview of all your editing work. While rookies can use Google Sites to complete their website quite literally in minutes, more experienced users can always invest more time and energy with this tool to get a more refined outcome.

Zoho Sites

When it comes to versatility, dynamism and functionality, Zoho Sites stands tall and captures the attention of users who desperately seek help to create a website. Content dynamism, social media integration and easy drag-n-drop interface make Zoho Sites the go-to website builder tool for most users on the internet. In addition, the tool allows you to pick from a wide range of business tools.

Website Builder

Website Builder is a force to reckon with when we talk about efficient and flexible online web building tools. After having successfully launched a million websites, this incredible website builder tool continues to attract the attention of new internet users who are unfamiliar with the craft of designing great websites. Its flexibility, functionality and SEO-friendly services make Website Builder one of the big boys in the market.


SnapPages is easy to use website building tool with drag and drop HTML5 editor. You can choose an elegant theme for your website depending upon the niche. Its comprehensive blogging platform makes you start blogging immediately. Other services include cloud hosing along with a wide array of useful Plugins. You can also integrate webmaster tool to track your SEO ranking.


Perfectly tailored to create amazing business websites, Yola is a powerful modern web building tool that offers scores of options to go with ease of use and SEO-friendly approach. Whether you wish to be able to get hundreds of amazing themes and templates, integrate top social media websites to your site or keep a close watch on your website stats, Yola is the way to go for you. In addition, Yola also offers some good premium features which are worth your money and can add cutting edge to your website functionality.


If you have plans of launching your own photography site or if you need to establish an online store to get your business going on the web, Zenfolio is probably the best choice for you as this website builder tool specializes in these two respects. However, Zenfolio is also used to build websites of all types including blogs because it offers all the editing options one looks for. With a free hosting account with no-limit on storage, Zenfolio offers you the perfect platform to build a great website.