Downloading Proper Security Software for Your Phone

Smartphone security has become an important topic in recent years. Despite the wealth of personal data people store in their phones (including everything from banking details to location information) many are still completely unaware of the potential security risks they run every day. Read on for hints, tips and information on downloading security software for your phone.

Is security software suitable for my phone?

Security software is available for almost all mobile phone operating systems; nonetheless it is best to do some research before deciding which is best for your device. For example, since Android phones are built on an open model which allows users to download apps that have never been through quality control, Smartphone owners will probably require as much protection as possible and might benefit from downloading anti-virus, anti-malware and firewall software. That doesn’t mean that Blackberry and iPhone owners should be complacent however and users should still use common sense by creating complex passwords and avoiding suspicious sites.

How much will downloading security software cost me?

Most people choose to invest in a security suite which costs around £40 annually and promises to protect users from the latest threats. However, since many phone operating systems contain basic security components anyway, you can simply ‘top up’ your security using free sites. Novices should try Lookout Security & Antivirus or the NQ Mobile Security & Antivirus or Mobile Security & Antivirus from Avast.

How do I download security software for my phone?

Once you have chosen your security provider, go to their website or one of the official app sites on your phone. When browsing online, always check the web address to ensure you have reached the correct destination. If a page or an app redirects you, check the cache to ensure you have not been diverted to a malicious website.

As with a regular computer browser, look for the padlock symbol alongside the cache bar, as an SSL certified connection proves that a website is safe and secure. Click ‘download’ and take the time to read permission requests in full before accepting. That’s it! The app may pop up from time to time to highlight potential risks but otherwise should run quietly in the background.

What are the benefits of installing security software on my phone?

Installing security software on to your phone helps to protect you from identity theft, fraud and financial loss. There are a range of reputable security downloads including anti-virus, anti-theft, anti-malware and firewall software which will keep your data secure by scanning suspect text messages, blocking unwanted calls and even locking remotely. Many security apps also boast features such as online shopping, games and the ability to boost the speed of your mobile phone.

What else can I do to keep my data secure?

Always set a passcode PIN and keep your phone locked, so that if it is stolen and a thief attempts to guess your passcode it will automatically erase any data on the phone. Back up your device regularly and access new apps and internet sites with caution.