7 Tips to Write a Blog Post That Converts

So, you started a blog. You have thoroughly planned everything and created a strategy. You have also distinguished the main topics which should draw the attention of your audience. Perhaps, you create content yourself or use one of the online cheap essay writing services to order articles. Finally, you have scheduled your publications. You have done an excellent job!

However, what’s the real conversion of your blog? It should not only offer interesting content to your visitors but also have a high conversion rate. Content-marketing must stimulate the readers to accomplish the actions you require from them.

What is a conversion?

A conversion is a particular action which should the user perform on your website. It might be a purchase, a registration, an application, a subscription, etc. It all depends on the goal you have.

Many people believe that the number of visitors on the blog is the main success index of your marketing strategy. It’s hard to argue with this fact. A high attendance rate indicated that the topics of your articles are up-to-date and attract people. However, you should analyze the involvement of your audience. The number of visitors and conversion are different things.

No matter how interesting or absorbing your content is, your audience won’t even bother reading it if it’s not introduced properly. If you want to increase the conversion on your blog, you should constantly analyze it, find the weak spots and perfect them. Later, we will introduce to you 7 life hacks on how to improve the conversion of your blog including all the components and content.

What Influences the Conversion?

There are plenty of factors which influence the conversion rate. They mainly include:

  • the design of the blog;
  • the usability of the blog and the website in general;
  • the content you create;
  • the way you communicate with your audience.

It’s vital to take into account all these aspects while trying to create a blog which converts. But what exactly should you change?

7 Tips to Increase the Conversion in your Blog

To achieve a mind-blowing growth of the conversion coefficient, you need to explore various ways to optimize a blog and carefully test every idea. Testing allows finding new revolutionary strategies and techniques which lead to satisfying results.

Finally, let’s take a look at 7 tips which will help you to write blog posts which convert:

  1. The frequency of the publications. Find the golden mean when forming your media plan. Don’t let the quantity become more important than the quality of the content you produce. There’s no need to upload 10 poorly-written articles per day and receive no feedback. Figure out, what works better for your blog and stick to this strategy;
  2. The time of publishing. It has been proved that the time you choose for uploading your content influences the conversion rates. Test various options, analyze the result with an analytical tool, and pick up the timing with the best results;
  3. Give your target audience what it requires. Respect your readers and don’t mislead them. Stick to the topic you announced and try to give as much useful information as possible. Think of the time they spend reading your article and try to turn it into an educational investment and not a total waste of precious minutes;
  4. Balance your content. You can publish articles, infographics, videos, pictures, podcasts and other types of content in your blog. Most likely, some pieces are more popular and profitable than the other ones. Nevertheless, try to be diverse in what you share. No one likes monotony materials;
  5. Design the CTAs. A call to action, its location on the page, and design play a huge role in the success of a blog. What’s the best place to insert a CTA button? Is it better to add links with CTAs inside the text? The A/B testing can assist you in finding out what’s better for you;
  6. Create personalized emails. You use email marketing to communicate with your subscribers, don’t you? Send them the latest updates or a set of the most popular articles. Research proves that personalized emails have a higher opening rate and, as a result, help to increase subscribers’ loyalty;
  7. Get to know your audience better. One of the obvious elements of increasing your conversion is the narrow audience targeting. Deep knowledge of your audience, their needs, interests, pains, and desires will help to create hyper-personalized content. Research shows that it can increase ROI by 5-8 times.

Try to make your blog post look and taste like a delicious burger. Let the readers feel its aroma from the catchy title and “eat” to the very last paragraph. If they liked the burger you cooked for them, they would come for another one.