Why Is Your Website Conversion So Low?

Conversions are the secret to making your website successful. Even when you have a great reputation, ample traffic, SEO-driven strategies, or cutting-edge digital marketing, lacking the power to convert visitors into customers means you’re not thriving. You’re just watching potential opportunities go to waste.

When starting a website, therefore, it is important to think about conversion.

What Is A Website Conversion?

A conversion is a positive call-to-action. That means someone visits your website, reads your content to find a product or solution, and do exactly what you want them to. For instance, if you’re marketing a product on Amazon, they place an order.

Conversions vary greatly from one business to another. For instance, healthcare practices see conversions as making an appointment or calling the office. For others, it means making a donation, downloading an eBook, commenting, making an order, or just filling a form.

Average Conversion Rate

Achieving high conversion rates is not cakes and ale. In fact, the conversion rate for most sites is 2.35%. Only top companies are doing it at about 5.31%. And sadly, most people and businesses only focus on getting visitors.

It is common knowledge that anyone who lands on your site has an interest in what you offer. But, every visitor doesn’t intend to buy, donate, schedule an appointment or fill a form. Some of them just want information, which is why your conversion will never be 100%. But if you are fortunate, you might just hit 12% or slightly higher.

So, why is your conversion so low?

Bad Hosting

When you register for a hosting service, you’re usually hiring space on a server linked to the internet. When a potential client types your domain name or follows a link to your site, that domain directs them to the server hosting your website. Consequently, the server notices that someone is asking to view a page and delivers it.

So if your hosting company is not employing the best strategies, your website will suffer. And most importantly, your visitors will become frustrated and abandon your site resulting in poor conversions and reduced traffic. Therefore, consider reputable hosting like one of these from Java Pipe.

Slow Website

No one likes a slow site. In fact, Google reports that over 50% of visitors leave a website that loads slowly, specifically for more than three seconds. There are many reasons why your site’s loading speed is low, including:

  • Bad hosting
  • Un-optimized images
  • JavaScript issues
  • Too much flash content
  • Excessive HTTP requests
  • Not using caching techniques
  • Unclean code
  • Failure to use gzip compression
  • Too many ads
  • Failure to use a CDN service

So if you want to stay on top of the game, you must find ways to speed up your website soon. Failure to do so gives your competition another day to beat you.

Bad Mobile Experience

Over 50% of overall web traffic comes from mobile, but mobile conversion rates are still lower than desktops. If your site is not mobile friendly, you may not succeed online.

According to GSMA Intelligence, over 60% of the world’s population is now connected by mobile devices. That number is estimated to hit 75% by 2020. So keep testing your site for mobile responsiveness if you want to tap into the huge market.

Unclear Call To Action

You must have a solid, clear call to action to tell your visitor what to do. Visitors often need a little push or a polite reminder to make an order, schedule an appointment, donate, or fill out a form.

It is imperative to have a clear call to action without appearing or sounding too promotion. Therefore, focus on the value your visitor will get if they try your product or do what you’re asking them to. It is equally important to ensure you’re pushing your product or service down their throats.

No One To Engage Visitors

Online transactions can be troublesome, especially if a potential customer experiences an issue with no apparent solution. This challenge usually affects online shopping because there is no one to help you like in ordinary physical stores.

You can solve this problem by having a detailed FAQ section. Alternatively, install a live chat feature for customers to ask questions and answered immediately without waiting for long hours or making a call.

Your Site Is Insecure

If your call to action involves sharing personal information like names, addresses and credit card details, most visitors will be reluctant to give out such details because they fear data breach.

So, secure your website and inform your visitors. In addition, do the following:

  • Use trusted, third-party payment processors
  • Mention your website’s security level on each page
  • Enable HTTPS

Website conversion takes more than traffic. With these tips, you can increase your customer base and succeed online. What hacks do you use to increase your website conversion?