Why Should You Use WordPress for Your Website?

One of the questions that most people ask is why they should use WordPress for their website. Why do you need to switch from another platform to WordPress?

If you are among those who ask these questions, read on to understand why. To start with, WordPress runs about a third of all websites across the world.

It is a site builder and content management system that has gained tremendous popularity for its free download and installation plus unique features.

Here are some of the reasons why you should use WordPress for your website. 

Affordable Pricing

WordPress is free software, meaning you can download it for free, install, modify, and use it to fulfill your website needs.

However, if you are going to need to do more than just creating a personal website, you will need to upgrade to the paid plans.WordPress has premium plans that meet the needs of almost any type of website, with the most costly plan being $540 per year.

However, the majority of people will get away for free or spend significantly less than that.

Easy Customization

The majority of people using WordPress are neither programmers or designers. In fact, most people jump into using WordPress without any previous acquaintance of designing websites.

For such people, WordPress is a superb platform because it has countless website templates to select from,regardless of your website type.

Also, these WordPress themes come with their own options panel for easy customization, allowing you to upload a logo, change colors, create sliders and develop it according to your needs without involving any code at all.

Away from customization, WordPress platform is flexible, and it offers numerous ways to enhance your website, which are in line with the latest website design trends in 2020.

Provides Mobile Responsive Sites

The mobile responsiveness of a website is one of the factors considered in Google rankings.

Websites that look good in both desktop and mobile rank high in the Google search results. WordPress provides a range of mobile-responsive theme designs.

Users can also use plugins and adjustments to theme files in making a static site responsive. 

Great Support

Being open-source and free, WordPress is supported by a huge community all over the world.

You can find lots of countless WordPress tutorials, guides, and resources all over the internet.

You can also communicate with other users via WordPress forums.  Apart from these support options, the WordPress support team is always available to help you.

 For those who have a WordPress Paid plan, they can access live chat for twenty-four hours from Monday to Friday. Generally, you won’t have a shortage of WordPress help resources on the internet or via community forums.

It’s Safe and Secure

Security is an essential factor when developing your website. Fortunately, WordPress is aware of this fact and has established a safe and secure platform for you. However, this does not mean your website is not vulnerable to hackers, malicious attacks, and malware. Updating your WordPress version helps to fight potential security threats. WordPress also has features such as password protection for folder contents and an easy to enable SSL certificate. You can also install a WordPress security plugin to boost the security of your website.

Has Built-In Blog

As a content management system software, WordPress has numerous features that make it easy to publish content. One of the best features is the in-built blog that users can access anytime and from any device. You will therefore be able to add a blog to your site without having to create a separate blog site. Websites that don’t relate to blogging can use the platform to make announcements and updates.


We are optimistic that this guide has responded to your question on why you should use WordPress for your website. Give it a try today and experience its power to create an excellent website easily and affordably.