Top WordPress Plugins to Increase Your Website Ranking

WordPress is one of the largest website publishing platforms available online. It’s not only simple to use, but it’s used by some of the biggest names online. With tens of thousands of sites currently utilizing WordPress and more starting every day, it’s easy to see why it is such a popular platform. One popular way to customize your websites from the tens of thousands is to use plugins. Plugins are software designed to assist you in using WordPress more effectively. The majority of these plugins are completely free to use. While there are plugins that have a premium side to them, the main plugin is completely free. Here are a few you should use if you would really like to see your website perform at its peak potential.

All in One SEO Pack

One of the essentials when starting a website is to have the All in One SEO Pack. This, according to PC Mag, is exactly what you need if your goal is to rank at the top Google. Even if you don’t know anything about Search Engine Optimization (SEO), the pack will help optimize your Title right length, how your page description, image tags and more. You’ll be able to create a page that’s loaded with SEO juice without ever having to take a class, or hire a professional. You will attract all the people who utilize a service like to have faster Internet just by using this simple to utilize plugin.

Broken Link Checker

Whether you have links within your site, or you have links to other sites, the links need to work. The easiest way to check your links in your site is to use the Broken Link Checker plugin. This will scan your site and test all the links. If it finds any that are broken or any that are missing, it will let you know in an easy to read format. You can even utilize the plugin to provide you with the opportunity to change out the broken links for ones that will work. As with anything, this tool is only effective if you make sure to use it on a regular basis.

SEO Friendly Images

Most people just want to throw an image on their site and call it a day. While you always have this option, it makes more sense for the images to work for you! Creating SEO friendly images is as easy as using SEO Friendly Images plugin. This tool makes it possible for you to have necessary ALT and TITLE attributes on every photo. The ALT attribute is the important one here, because it will tie in with keyword searches on Google. This will help you to bring in more traffic to your site, by ranking higher for specific keywords.

As you see, All in One SEO, Broken Link Checker and SEO Friendly Images are all very important plugins to install on your WordPress. These are just a few of the incredible free tools you can use to improve your WordPress site and increase your keyword rankings.