Top 4 WordPress Themes For Directory Websites

Directory websites have always been a great help to all internet users. They guide you by giving you a list of all useful links, locations, brands, and many other relevant categories that are specific to your search preferences. No matter what you’re looking for on the internet, there will always be a directory website for it.

If you’re thinking about starting your directory listing on your WordPress website, you’re going to need to decide on the directory theme you’re going to choose for your website. Luckily, there are many fantastic ones available that we will tell you all about.

To lure users and attract more people to use your directory website, you need the perfect WordPress theme. Here, we break down the 4 top directory website themes on WordPress and tell you which can work better with your type of website.

1. Listify

Listify is a theme that is known to include many nifty features for directory websites. This theme is designed to work amazingly fast. This is considered a quality code that puts Listify at the top of the list. You can choose from different pricing packages, each supported with WooCommerce compatibility.

There are plenty of design options and layout choices that help you customize your website to match your taste. You also get three special contact form plugins, Contact 7, NinjaForms, and Gravity Forms. If you choose  Listify as your theme, you get to enjoy an advanced search form that facilitates the process of sorting through listings for your users. The theme even provides a geolocation filtering feature that increases the efficiency of your website even more.

You get a dedicated support team for this theme and regular updates to keep you up with the latest additions. It’s also a perfect theme if you would like to feature some ads on your website to make extra money.

2. ListingPro

ListingPro is a popular WordPress theme known for its suitability with directory websites. What’s great about this theme is that it’s easy to set up your preferences in no time so that you can move on to managing and customizing your site. You’ll be able to understand all its features by reading an in-depth ListingPro theme review, from geolocation and integrated operation hours to event management. There are just so many things to love about this theme. First, you get to choose from different available demos depending on your desired purpose, for example, travel listing, multipurpose listing, or restaurant listing. It also gives your website a review and rating system so that your users can share their opinion.

3. Directory

The directory is a WordPress theme that delivers everything users look for in a well-designed theme package for their directory websites. It gives you the ability to customize every little detail about your website even if you lack coding knowledge. It’s also compatible with the Visual Composer Plugin which means you’ll enjoy a fantastic editor to customize your directory website with. Like the Listify theme, it’s integrated with the WooCommerce Booking plugin which makes it a lot easier to use.

This theme is not just highly responsive, it also allows mobile users to enjoy an app view instead of just opening a plain website on their mobile screens. Not to mention, it has amazing tools that help website owners integrate the best SEO techniques. The directory is a well-designed WordPress theme that provides a powerful booking and reservation system, unlimited price packages, compatibility with Visual Composer, Google Maps integration, and a responsive Mobile App review.

4. Listable

Listable is another amazing directory site theme that brings all the elements together, it works perfectly with business WordPress directory websites. Its design looks very clean, however, the neat design is put together so that it doesn’t distract users from the important content on your website. It’s also a very flexible theme that can go well with all other types of directory websites. It’s compatible with WooCommerce and this makes the process of monetizing your site very smooth.

To help your users find their content easily and quickly, Listable comes with advanced search and filtering systems that ease the process. Most importantly, it manages to include all these complex features while maintaining a user-friendly platform. In a nutshell, it gives you easy monetization, efficiently animated page transitions, ease of setting up and customization, and an interactive filtering system.

If you’re planning to start your WordPress directory website, it’s important to know which theme you’re going to use for your listings. These 4 choices bring you all the amazing WordPress features that simplify creating a website without coding knowledge. You can also find some helpful reviews online on which directory theme works the best on directory websites.