Things You Didn’t Know About WordPress

If you have a website, then chances are you’re running it off of WordPress. You are creating posts everyday from their backend system and you created your own theme. Everything you do is based off of this one system, which is pretty crazy! However, did you know that you’re probably not unlocking everything that WordPress has to offer? Most of the features that you aren’t using can be installed using easy plugins you can find by searching the WordPress website. These extra features could be exactly what you’re looking for to improve your productivity and the functionality of your site!

You can handle your invoices on it

There’s a handy plugin called the Advanced Client Manager that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier when it comes to doing invoices. This is one of the parts of running a business or a site that’s super annoying for many freelancers and business owners. With this plugin, you’re going to be able to create and send your invoices to customers right from WordPress! By using Paypal, clients can pay directly to you and you can keep track of all unpaid invoices from the same place where you manage your website.

You can write content on the front-end version of your site

Once you have gotten your cheap domain registration, you’re ready to start writing posts. And if you’re like many people who use WordPress, you write your posts right in the WordPress back-end – via their Dashboard. However, it can be tough to keep going back and forth from the “Preview” button to see what your post is actually going to look like when it’s published. And if you see something that you need to fix, you have to go back to the admin panel and fix it. It can be pretty frustrating! With the WordPress Website Embedder – Live Composer Addon, you can edit your posts live on the front-end of your site!

You can get a facelift for that ugly backend administration

Even though the interface on the backend administration of WordPress has gotten recent facelifts, it can get pretty ugly to look at sometimes. You can get the Forest Revolution WordPress Admin Theme and completely change the the appearance of your backend. Don’t worry! This isn’t going to change anything about where the buttons are, but will just give the layout a bit of a spruce.

You can get animated spinners for when your pages are loading

By using the PrettyLoader Flat Page Preloader, you are able to get an animated spinner to go whenever a visitor is waiting for one of your pages to load. That way, your visitors don’t just have to stare at a white screen whenever they’re waiting! However, if you’ve gotten a high-quality domain from, you shouldn’t have a problem with this in the first place.

WordPress is a pretty amazing tool, if you haven’t already noticed! So many people use it for their websites, but there are plenty more features you can add on and work with, like those laid out above!