Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Landing Pages

One of the first things people do after they learn how to code is try to design landing pages and WordPress templates. Now, WordPress users have tons and tons of templates, elements, and plugins to choose from for their landing pages.

How do you sort through them all? From themes to contact forms, here are some of the must-have plugins for a WordPress landing page:

Contact Form 7 If you’re looking for a good contact form, this is the best choice. The newest version, 4.6, is confirmed as being compatible with WordPress 4.7, and comes with improvements and new features. You’ll be able to create localized contact forms just by changing the language you prefer for the admin screen. There is no need to install a multilingual plugin.

Optimize Press This plugin is very useful if you need to create a membership portal. It fully integrates with the WP CMS. There are over 30 templates to choose from, and the membership portal creator comes with security and protection features.

Really Simple CAPTCHA Every landing page has a call to action, and every CtA should have a CAPTCHA. You want to ensure that real people are signing up for your offer. While it works great with Contact Form 7, it also requires that you install GD/FreeType PHP libraries in order to work.

Qards This is a high-quality product from Designmodo that comes with a nice, extensive set of content cards, available for you to pick and choose to satisfy your landing page needs. If you already have a landing page, Qards allows you to modify or redesign it with the use of editable cards. Another option is to create a copy of the existing page and build a replacement page from it.

Beaver Builder There are currently 250,000+ websites built with this WordPress theme/plugin combo. You can use them both or use the plugin alone, depending on the number of features you need. Even by itself, the plugin still provides you with all of the functionality you need with a landing page, including templates, content elements, mobile-friendliness, etc.

Parallax Gravity If you need to create multiple land pages, this plugin by SakuraPlugins allows you to set a different background for each section. This is also an ideal product for promotional campaigning, as page activation/deactivation is simplified. Whenever a campaign is over, just deactivate the page and it will be redirected to a custom URL.

Google Analytics Dashboard Without analytics, you have no way of knowing your bounce rate and which keywords are bringing people to the landing page. You don’t have to manually add the tracking code, as it is automatically inserted once the plugin is authorized and the default domain is chosen. With its real time tracking, you can view Google Analytics reports regarding the current users browsing the landing page at any given time.

WordPress Landing Page Plugin If you don’t have a budget and want the full package, your best bet is to go with the official WP landing page plugin itself. Since it’s built as a framework, developers and designers can do a bit of experimenting after going to coding bootcamp.

Whether you need a full landing page package or individual elements for an existing landing page, you can browse through WordPress’s extensive plugin library.