Items to Look For in a Word Press Theme

Word Press is the number one way to set up a website, whether you have a regular blog, a business website, or a sales site. Word Press has thousands of available themes, which add to its appeal.

The themes that you can add to Word Press are numerous and all come with a variety of different features. It is the features that you should look at when you are interested in building a Word Press theme.

Ease of Usage for Customers

Before you add a Word Press theme, you must think about how your customers will use your Word Press site. If you are a blogger with a personal website, most readers will casually read and browse.

Those who have interactive websites with a lot of videos and click through links must make sure that these items are prominently displayed when building a website. This means choosing a theme that may allow for rotating featured visuals and ease of search to find items of interest.

Those who are selling items thought their Word Press site must insure that there is a proper website display for each of the items sales. Also, the widget additions must allow customers to properly add items to a cart and purchase items with little confusion.

The end result of your customer should be the first thing in your mind when creating the site.

Easily Customized

A website theme is only half of the step. Each website will need to be organized and customized in a way that makes it look unique. A unique looking website makes it easier for customers to identify your website and your brand.

Customization may need to take place in CSS on the style sheet. For those who are beginners, CSS will be difficult to learn.

Being able to customize the Word Press theme through theme options will make it easier for those who are beginners in web design to create a website that looks professional, without having to deal with the major web design aspect.


The ease of adding widgets makes Word Press one of the leading sites for web development. Widgets are the additions that you can place on a website. Some of the most important widgets are:

  • Social media widgets that allow customers to share, tweet, and pin your website information and products
  • Top Rated items/articles bar, which allow customers to go to things that are hot topics or top items chosen by other customers.
  • Widgets that allow for additional media and photographs. These can lead customers to your YouTube channel, store, or provide more information.
  • Contact forms that allow customers and businesses to fill out emails and send to you easily.

Some themes are better at holding widgets than others. Determine how many additions you will need to your Word Press site and then choose your theme accordingly.

Mobile Functionality

Websites are often used on cellular phones as well as tablets. Since these screens are smaller than the typical laptop or PC, you will need to have a website that works best for phones and tablets.

There are Word Press themes that allow mobile functionality. These websites adjust for mobile phone screen sizes, and offer completely useable widgets. Choosing a website with good functionality for tablets and smaller screens is a good decision for site owner.

Creating a Word Press website tends to be easier for most on the market. Take into account the items of importance when building a Word Press site, and choose a theme that will make your website more attractive and easy for you and customers.