How to Create a More Interactive WordPress Blog

Are you using the latest online technologies and online strategies to make your WordPress blog a more interactive place for your online visitors? If not, you could be losing shoppers, potential customers, email subscribers and other people who could have become loyal readers of your blog posts. Below are some of the best ways to change this situation and create a more interactive WordPress blog.

How to Create a More Interactive WordPress Blog

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Use Video

Producing and publishing online videos is one of the best ways to grab the attention of the people who visit your blog. You can create your own videos, hire a video production company like Spiel Studios to produce professional videos for you or your company, or embed other people’s videos into your blog posts.

Encourage Comments and Discussions

As more people go online, more of these people feel comfortable discussing all kinds of topics with other like-minded people on blogs and other websites. You should add features to your blog that encourage this type of interaction. Some of your blog visitors will ask questions, while others will give advice. These conversations help to build up the amount of valuable content on your blog and more people will trust your blog too.

Add a Forum

You can take online discussions to the next level by adding a discussion forum to your blog. This usually requires you to install a simple script that allows people to get involved in all kinds of conversations about the topic of your blog.

Publish Podcasts

Some blog visitors prefer to listen to content instead of having to read text or watch a video. Providing downloadable podcasts that you can also listen to on your blog is an extremely effective way of increasing the number of returning visitors to your website. It also means they don’t always have to be on your blog to consume your content.

Create a Membership Area

If you create premium quality content that you don’t want to give away for free, you can install a range of different membership plugins and scripts that turn part of your blog into a private membership area. These membership scripts make it easy to create new members, charge members for access to your membership area and give your members access to certain content inside your membership.

Hold Quizzes, Competitions and Questionnaires

It’s extremely easy to set up different types of quizzes, competitions and questionnaires on a modern blog. If a large number of people visit your website and your blog is consistently generating money, you could offer valuable prizes which will encourage more people to take part in these events.

Make Sharing Easy

When you go to the trouble of creating a high-quality blog, packed with valuable content, make sure it’s easy for your blog visitors to share your content with other people. For instance, add sharing buttons above and below every blog post you publish. This simple action could greatly increase the number of people who find out about your blog.

It’s crucial to have an interactive blog. If your blog includes all of the interactive features mentioned above, it is much more likely to attract more people who will keep returning for a long time to come.