How Do I Upload a Google Doc To WordPress Easily: Three Helpful Tips

Managing your content flow from working documents and edited copies to uploading onto WordPress can get complicated. Copy and paste functions can leave your work formatted incorrectly in the WordPress editor.

Redoing what you’ve already finalized in a previous copy can lead to mistakes being overlooked in the final stages of releasing your articles or blog updates. How can you easily upload Google Docs to WordPress to avoid these pitfalls?

Every content manager and social media team is likely to face these hangups at some point. Today, take a few minutes to learn from these three tips, which can help make your WordPress Google Docs upload routine easier than ever before.

Tip 1: Try The Gutenberg Block Editor on WordPress 5.0

Are you having trouble with your format disappearing when you copy-and-paste content from Google Docs into WordPress? Those still using the Classic Editor in WordPress should consider trying out the Gutenberg editor.

The Gutenberg Block Editor is used on WordPress 5.0 and up, and it is a more modern way of formatting text. When you paste content from Google Docs into a block on this editor, all of the formats should be retained without any extra code problems.

Keep Uploading Images Separately

It is recommended that you continue to upload images separately so that they are not overly compressed and be given the proper alt-image titles. This is important not only for user accessibility but also for search engine results.

Alt-text on images identify how many images are on a page and what types of images there are. It can, in some cases, improve your ranking. While this can slow down your workflow, the return is worth the time investment.

Tip 2: Try A Publishing Tool, Like Wordable

Those serious about uploading a lot of content from Google Docs to WordPress will want to consider paid services, such as Wordable. It is a service invented to make it easier to move content, including all of your formatting, from Google Docs to WordPress with ease. It is ideal for content editing teams, bloggers, and businesses that want to move between Google Docs and WordPress quickly while boosting productivity.

How To Upload Google Docs Via Wordable

  1. Link your Wordable account to your Google Drive account.
  2. Link your Wordable account to your WordPress account by going to your WordPress settings and installing the Wordable plugin.
  3. On Google Drive, find the document that you want to upload to WordPress.
  4. Click “Export to WordPress” via the Wordable Plugin.
  5. Wordable will create a draft from your Google Doc.
  6. Using the draft link, you can preview what the post will look like.

Do Images Need Renaming?

When using Wordable, the original file names are imported from Google Docs. If you or your writers are titling the images with the appropriate verbiage when uploading to the original Google Doc, that file name will transfer over to WordPress as well.

Additionally, images added through Wordable are also added to your WordPress media library. This gives you the ability to use third-party image tools as needed without finding and re-uploading any images from your articles.

Tip 3: Double Paste Trick

Are you looking for a quick fix to your WordPress problems when trying to move the text over from Google Docs? If so, there is a loophole that you might be able to utilize to solve your problem.

Try this:

  1. Copy the text on Google Docs that you want to put onto WordPress.
  2. Paste the text into the WordPress visual editor.
  3. Select all of the text, and then copy it again.
  4. Create a temporary draft post that you can use to fix the formatting.
  5. Paste the text content into this temporary post. Doing this should remove any extra line breaks that were originally occurring on WordPress.
  6. Copy all of the text from the temporary draft and paste it back into the original post-draft.
  7. Finally, click the “Clear formatting” button, which you can find on the visual editor toolbar. This removes any extra style or font changes without adjusting the header text.
  8. Add back in any bold font as needed since the clear formatting will remove this type of format.

This copy-and-paste trick is not a perfect solution, but it is a fast and easy way to fix up a few posts while you look for the right long-term solution.

Put Your Intuition To Work

Now you know how to upload a Google Doc to WordPress more easily than ever before. Whether you decide to stick with direct copy-and-paste methods or use a streamlined publishing tool like Wordable, you will have improved workflow.

There’s no reason to waste your time doing the formatting over and over as you switch between tabs and websites. Let your work process make sense by utilizing the most intuitive ways to move content from one site to another!