Font Matters: How To Add & Use Adobe TypeKit To WordPress

If you are looking for a smart font solution for WordPress, Adobe TypeKit may be just the right option to pick. Why is it a good choice, how to add it to WordPress, and how to master this tool? In this article, the experts from, a writing service, will share a beginner’s guide to Adobe TypeKit and plenty of handy tips on how to make the most of it. Let’s dive in!

Why Does It Matter?

While most people believe that the context matters the most, fonts are being left aside as something insignificant. However, that’s a common mistake.

There are several ways in which the style of your text matter. First of all, it ensures the readability of the content, making it intuitive and easy to read for the audience. However, even that’s not all! Did you know that different text styles can evoke various emotions in your readers? Well, that’s true!

There are numerous studies that confirm how different fonts can influence people’s’ feelings. For example, in the course of one experiment conducted back in 2014, researchers gave medical patience sets of instructions for home healthcare printed in different fonts. Interestingly enough, patients found instructions printed in harder-to-read fonts actually harder to follow.

This phenomenon can be explained by a theory of cognitive fluency. The theory basically insists that information that our brain finds harder to process appears to us more challenging.

Similarly, according to this theory, it is possible to evoke specific emotions and feelings in readers by adjusting the font. For blogs and e-commerce websites, this is a huge discovery. The ability to control the reaction of the audience to the content they publish is the biggest reason why fonts matter!

What Is Adobe TypeKit?

Now, that you know why exactly the style of text matters so much, you are probably wondering how to have more choices for your website.

It is fair to say that today, WordPress is the most advanced and widely used content management system. With its help, pretty much anyone can create and manage their own website or blog. It offers excellent functionality and an extensive database of templates and plugins. However, sometimes, it may seem like the default library is not enough for complete personalization. This is when pairing WordPress with additional services can bring you benefits.

Adobe TypeKit is one of such additions you can use in WordPress. It is an online service that was launched in 2009 by Small Batch, Inc. Later, in 2011, it was acquired by Adobe and renamed into Adobe Fonts in 2018.

This service offers users a huge library of unique, high-quality fonts upon a subscription. Adding it to WordPress can give you more space for creativity and personalization. And, though there are quite a few alternative libraries available today, TypeKit is the most advanced and convenient of all.

How To Add Adobe TypeKit To WordPress And Use It?

Custom Adobe Fonts (formerly TypeKit) is one of many plugins available for WordPress users. With its help, you can embed unique adobe fonts on your website quickly and easily.

How to add a plugin? Granting access to unlimited fonts for your WordPress website is quite easy and takes a few quick steps. Find the needed plugin and install it. Then, sign in with your personal project ID created in adobe fonts. That’s it! Now, you will be able to use styles from adobe’s library on your website.

As you can see, installing the plugin is quite simple. Unfortunately, at this time, TypeKit is only available in a limited number of themes:

  • Astra Theme;
  • Beaver Builder Plugin;
  • Beaver Builder Theme;
  • Elementor Page Builder.

That’s something you need to keep in mind before you start using it. However, the good news is that if you are not using any of the plugins or themes currently supported, you can create a custom CSS to apply adobe printing types.

After you install and activate the plugin, you should be able to see a new option called TypeKit Fonts under the settings button on your dashboard. If you click it, you will open a new section where you can add the embedded code of your kit.

Now, to make the styles visible on your website, you need to set up specific CSS rules with the help of the font-family and heading tags. Once you are ready, save changes and check if they have been applied to your website.

There is also an alternative way to add TypeKit to WordPress for those of you who don’t want to install additional plugins. This method assumes the manual installation of kits into WordPress.

Here is how you can do it:

  • Back up your website to prevent any loss of data or settings.
  • Go to the appearance tab and pick the editor option.
  • Find the header.php file. Typically, it should be located under the templates section.
  • Select the file and locate the <head> tags, then place a relevant embed code between them.
  • Save changes.

Following this guide, you can add Adobe TypeKit to your WordPress website and start using it! Now that you know how easy it is, you will have no trouble installing and customizing your fonts.