Connecting with Your Audience via WordPress

Most blogs and websites have a focus on being consumer friendly. This not only means publishing content for the audience, but also conversing with the audience.

Many blog readers will make comments on posts and will speak with bloggers via social media. There are a number of ways and methods to connect with an audience. Word Press theme setup and plug-in make it easier than ever to chat with the audience of your blog.

Social Media Rich Themes

If you have an interactive blog, social media rich themes are important for Word Press. This means having chat boxes that allow users to write you messages directly. This is available through social media plug-ins, such as twitter, that allows users to directly contact the site owner.

Some blog owners would prefer to take it a step further and have a more interactive approach to their social relationships with readers.

Web Conferencing through Word Press

Web conferencing plug-in are available for use on Word Press. The videoconferencing plug in will allow you to video chat with other users when you are logged in. This provides and invaluable service for both yourself and your readers.

Readers often wish they could meet or connect with the individuals running websites that they love. Through video conferencing software, this is now a possibility. Simply pushing a button can bring up the live cam of the website owner for a hello.

Website owners who wish to get feedback from their readers can do it in a face to face format. Though YouTube is available and widely used by site owners, live chatting can never be replaced. Being able to hold a conversation in real time with a reader is an invaluable tool.

Plug-ins that allow Video Interaction

The only way to set up a website to allow you the ability to conference or to connect with a live chat is by having the correct theme and plug-in. Your theme will dictate the plug-ins that you can add to your Word Press site or sites widgets.

Video Whisper is one of the most popular flash chat, video conferences available for those who are using Word Press. Video Whisper was created to allow for live streaming video casts, in the event that bloggers wished to record to their website at a specific time.

Video Whisper can be used to connect with those who log in at a certain time, as a weekly chat. Utilizing a specific time to conference with frequent readers and get some feedback will help to better develop a blog, as well as give you more face time, which makes you more personable.

Skype Master Video Interaction

Along with Video Whisper, Skype Master is an excellent plug in that can be integrated with a variety of themes. Skype is a popular application that allows for video conferencing with family, friends, and colleagues.

Since there are Skype applications for computers, tablets, and mobile phones, keeping contact through Skype is easier than most other applications. Simply pull out your mobile device and you can log in for a video chat. If you wish to be more mainstream, download the Skype plug-in with your theme for ease of use.

Using Skype and Video Whisper are two major steps to take for a website. Face to face contact can often be different than in person, even with loyal readers.

Taking your website a step further can be a risk, but it also allows you the benefit of having a more open relationship with your website viewers. Being able to have face to face conversations makes a person and a website seem much more real.