Benefits Of Adding A Knowledge Base To A WordPress Website

You probably have seen a knowledge base before at least on a few websites. It is the place on a site where you can find needed information on your own.

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A knowledge base can actually bring loads of advantages and benefits for your website and entire business, like faster purchases, higher user satisfaction rate, and so much more. In this article, we’ll discuss the most significant advantages it can bring.

Providing Relevant Information To Your Present And Future Clients

Just think about how much additional information about your products and services you could add if you had a knowledge base. This might actually help grow your sales and provide additional information to your customers and new visitors.

There is so many useful information you could add to a base like this. This way, you’ll help both your business growth and your client as well. This might even make your clients come to your website just because of the knowledge base if you do it right. For example, if you run a beauty blog, you could add several trending tutorials to your knowledge base. In this case, it is sure to become a blast and one of the most visited pages on your website.

Better Rate Of User Satisfaction

Users really don’t like to wait nowadays, and they are always rushing around. But you can’t say that’s a wrong thing to do or a wrong way to act. We simply live in a digital world where everything happens faster. And some people really need to get answers to the questions right away, because they might be on a project deadline and need to make a purchase as soon as possible.

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Therefore, if you’ll have a knowledge base, you’ll save a lot of your customers time. Your customers or soon to be costumes will be thankful for that, because you thought about them and though this part through. So this will also bring a higher user satisfaction rate.

The rate might not be visible, or you could make it visible to everyone. Just add a star rating by asking your visitors how fast they were able to locate the information they were looking for. If you decide to give it a go, we recommend using WordPress Knowledge Base Theme – KnowAll Theme because it will bring an even higher user satisfaction.

Quicker Sales

Saving your visitors time will also increase your sales. Just think what happens if your potential client needs to receive information about a product or service as soon as possible. Sure, they could use your contact form, website chat help, or try to reach you by email or phone. But have it mind, that you probably won’t be working 24/7 and answering everybody’s questions in a few minutes time period.

This is especially crucial if you run an e-store that ships products worldwide. In that case, the time all around the world is different, and it is very likely that you will be receiving a request in the middle of the night because it might be the middle of the day in Paris or somewhere else.

When this happens, some clients might get frustrated by not receiving an answer from you soon enough. And the only thing left for them to do is go and order the same or similar items from your competitors. This way, you’ll lose profits and give away your potential clients to your competitors.

More New Visitors Via Search Engines

The information you place on your knowledge base might help your SEO with its’ keywords more that you could imagine. This will bring way much more traffic to your website, and there’s a high possibility that your sales will grow together with the knowledge base.

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The trick is to use as many internal links as possible. Start noticing how other websites are doing it – how many internal links they actually use. Try it yourself, and you’ll see the benefits it will bring for your SEO. To improve your SEO even more, here are for simple steps to boost it.

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