Tips for Adjusting Your Website to Your Business Logo

You want your business to succeed. However, you also know that part of that success is linked to having the right online presence and your business logo is an integral part of that. A business logo is not only the face of your business; it is also a significant identification tool for customers to know what industry you are in. Therefore, it is up to you to achieve these objectives and have a business logo that will show the quality of products or services you offer.

These days, there is no need to engage the services of a professional artist to have a unique and outstanding logo. Instead, you need to make sure that your logo looks well no matter what context you have placed it in. Whether on a website, a social media platform, or your business cards, your logo should always serve your business’s purpose.

Uploading Your New Logo to Your Website

Once your logo is ready, in PNG with a transparent background, it needs to find its unique place within your website. If you are looking for the optimal logo size for any website, err on the safe side and make sure yours is 250 px wide x 100 px in height.

Changing the Size of Your Logo

Resizing your logo can be done by:

  • Using Photoshop or your favorite image editor such as picresize or resizeimage, among others.
  • If you used an online logo maker to generate your logo, you could use it again to resize it.
  • Hiring a freelance graphic designer to do it for you if you feel unsure about doing it yourself. This is not the most inexpensive option but will get you the most professional results if your budget allows it.

What is the ideal logo size for a website?

If you have a PNG design on a transparent background that is 250 px wide x 100 px in height for your logo and you find that it needs to be resized, here are some of the most common layouts for website logos:

Horizontal Layout

  • 250 px x 150 px
  • 350 px x 75 px
  • 400 px x 100 px

Vertical or Square Layout

  • 160 px x 160 px

Don’t Forget Your Favicon

Your website logo needs to be accompanied by its favicon. A favicon is the name used to describe a small icon that features your business’s logo. It can be the first letter of your business’ name or a small image associated with your brand. Keep your favicon no larger than the following sizes:

  • 16 px x 16 px
  • 32 px x 32 px
  • 48 px x 48 px

Designing the Best Logo for Your Business

If this is the first time you design a logo for your business, be realistic about your design skills. In a logo design website, you may start by simply typing the name of your company. If you have come up with a slogan, type it up underneath and see if it gives you a balanced image. If it doesn’t, you may have to use only your company name in the logo for your business.