Things That You Need to Know About RARBG

It is an indisputable and known fact these days that the internet and technology are making our lives more comfortable and accessible. Our modern life is becoming more on the go, and we want everything to be convenient. While we wish to have a more convenient way to download everything, RARBG has everything covered for us, and it’s a crowd favorite. The site can offer users high-quality free content. So here’s what you need to know about rarbg.

A Brief Details About RARBG

Before it became among the top websites that offer its users torrent downloads, this site started from being simple. RARBG was founded way back in 2008 and began a Bulgaria based torrent tracker. It closed for a week last December 2008 for a short period after launch, and that’s because of the legal issues by BREIN, the association formed by the Dutch recording industry and movie studios. It went online and re-opened again after the affair.

Slowly, the site’s torrenting ranks increased as it gained more visitors and users by the following years. It became a more popular tool for people who wants to download great-quality torrent content, and its specialty is high-quality video content. RARBG is consistent in the top 5 rankings of TorrenFreak’s yearly list of most the most famous torrent sites. The truth is, it ranks fourth in the edition this year.

RARBG Feature and Website Design

Despite the prohibitions and blockages, this site survives because of loyal users and followers’ support. The design of RARBG’s website is simple, and its interface welcomes the users to its home page with no-frill. You can find the log-in box at the upper left part where you need to place your account details, and besides that is the shortcut button for the torrent client(uTorrent).

It’s also quite useful if you have the .torrent file to launch and begin downloading with. There are also seven links for content categories that you can see on its left sides, such as non-XXX, software, music, games, TV shows, XXX, and movies.

How to Unblock RARBG Torrent Site

Aside from using mirror sites and proxy, there are more methods to unblock this torrent website. You can start by setting up your virtual private network or VPN. The VPN will bounce the IP address with some different IP addresses proxy in the network tunnel. This method will make it hard for someone to trace your activity online.

Another option that you need to consider is using the Tor browser. The US Navy originally developed this browser to protect the online communication of US intelligence. Now, it’s open-source and free software, and the Tor browser directs the internet traffic via above 7 thousand relays of an overlay network. It’s an effective method to hide the user’s location.


RARBG is a recommended and effective way to download all the things that you want on the internet, whether it’s music, games, software, movies, and more. Aside from offering great quality content, you can also get them with zero cost. Now that is a deal you should not back away.