How To Build Your First Website On WordPress: Step-by-Step Student’s Guide

Creating a website on WordPress is one of the most challenging tasks that many people face in their professional and academic careers. This is because the majority do not the appropriate procedure to follow to create a good website. Others, on the other hand, do not know what an ideal website incorporates.

Thus, this article seeks to elaborate and elucidate on the ideal step-by-step guide to follow when building a WordPress website for the first time.

Why every student must have a personal website

As a student, before you know how to create a website on WordPress, you first need to understand the significance of having one. Well, as a student, there are various academic writing tasks that you deal with as part of your academic career. Also, after you graduate or before your graduate, you will need to write a resume when applying for a job. And, since this is a crucial document that you need to submit during the job application process, you will need to have your personal website.

However, according to the cheapest essay writing service, for you to create one, you need more free time. And, since you have too many assignments to work on and other responsibilities to take care of, you will get professional help from a writing service.

Choose the type of site

There are various types of student websites that you can create on WordPress such as portfolio websites, personal sites, coupon websites, e-commerce, podcasting websites, and school or college websites. So, it is up to you to select the type of site you want to create on WordPress. And since you are a student, the most ideal site to select is the school or college website. This will help you in an immense manner with your assignments.

Need to decide which domain name and hosting to choose

After selecting the type of site, you now need to decide on the domain name and hosting you want for your personal web page.And since this is the first step in creating your website, you need to find a host for it. There are various ways through which you can create a website. For example, you could build a free blog on WordPress or Tumblr.

However, it would be a lot more remarkable if you have a host for your site with an actual domain name. Not only will it look more authentic but also exhibit the amount of time you have taken to put it up, thereby differentiating you from other students.

So, while it is you who will determine the host-site for your web page, it is recommendable that you self-host it. All in all, having a free website on WordPress while on a tight budget is better than having none at all. For the domain name, have your first name and your last This is quite easy to remember. Additionally, it is fit for SEO.

Install your WordPress

To know how to launch a WordPress site, you need to install WordPress on your website. Many people often know WordPress as a blogging platform. But, in recent years, WordPress has been gaining popularity at a remarkable rate. You can use to it create non-blogging sites. It is prevalent for taking a short period to install. And for you to install it fast, you need to use HostGator as it has quick installation options a wide variety of popular CMS, inclusive of WordPress.

To start;

  • Type a URL in your browser which incorporates your domain name, for example, ‘’ If for any reason you are unable to get to your domain, use the link ‘Your Control Panel’ that comes with the HostGator email.
  • Enter the login details (username and password) in your email.
  • If you are at the control panel, you can install WordPress by clicking on the WordPress Installer on the ‘Essentials’ section.

Choose the web site’s design and WordPress theme

After installing WordPress on your website, you now need to select your site’s design as well as the WordPress theme. According to the UK writing firm,the vitality of selecting the design and them of your site is that a good visual appearance will attract people to your site and they would want to read your posts or articles. And lucky enough, every WordPress site has a basic theme. And if it does not look appealing to you, you can try out the various free and paid WordPress themes that you install in your website.

You can use the WordPress admin dashboard to alter your theme.

Upgrade your site and install plugins

The next step in learning how to make a websiteis upgrading your site and installing plugins. WordPress is efficient and effective if has immense functionality. But, the true beauty of WordPress lies in its capability to work with plugins.

Installing plugins is pretty easy. Unlike themes, you can find any plugin you want in the WordPress plugin repository. So, you do not have to upload .zip files as you can just install plugins to your site from the Dashboard.

Do not forget about quality content

As aforementioned, if you an appealing website design and WordPress theme, visitors will develop an interest in visiting your website and yearn to read your content. However, if you do not have quality content for your site, this may disappoint them and they may never choose to visit your site again.

So, you need to ensure that you produce quality and original content for your website.  If you do not know how to develop unique content for your site, do not think much about it. Get help from an expert and let them provide you with tips that you can use. 

Getting traffic is extremely important

Generating traffic is crucial in the successful operations of a website. Most students created websitesare looking forward to getting traffic to their sites. The majority of students are looking for ways through which they can make their websites stand out from others. They either do so by changing their designs and WordPress themes or developing high-quality content for their site.

So, if you want to generate more traffic to your site, choose a website design and WordPress theme that looks more appealing and that no other student has. Also, consider posting top-notch articles on your site that will capture the attention of many people.

In conclusion, creating a website is fundamental in the professional and academic career of an individual. Creating your first website is a significant addition to your resume. Additionally, it can aid in your future as students by helping you to save time as well as ask an expert from a resume editing service to draft you a perfect resume. Also, if you are looking to make your own websiteon WordPress, above are some tips that can help you out.