Creating a Winning Website

A well-designed website is vital for any business. Most businesses do have websites, but too often, they are outdated, slow, or hard to navigate. A well-designed website can boost business and will more than pay for itself, while a bad one creates the impression of a poorly run business, and can cost sales.

What You Need to Know

If you are just starting in web design, one of the most important things you can do is develop a wide-ranging knowledge of how businesses work. Understanding all of the moving parts to a company allows you to put design elements in perspective. You need to balance the aesthetics with the ease of use, be able to drive business to the page, and understand the importance of keeping everything secure. It doesn’t take a degree in computer science to become a top-notch web developer. A background in business, marketing, psychology, or even design can give you the tools you need.

If you have a solid understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you have the required skills, but knowing how to code is just one small part of creating professional websites. Concerns about paying for education are real and understandable. It helps when you understand that web design is a growing field, and there is no reason to expect that to change. Earning a degree puts you in the best possible position to land a good-paying job. Private student loans allow you to complete your degree without financial pressure weighing on you.

Aesthetics Matter

You recognize a good-looking site, but how can you be sure the ones you create match up? Creating an attractive site means that each page is easy to read. This means no overcrowding of information or images, and a professional, easy to read font. Create a streamlined look, too much information makes the page look chaotic, which translates to untrustworthy when you are talking about a business. Always err on the side of simplicity. Break your content up into small, easily readable chunks. Any pictures you use should be high-resolution and have a specific purpose. Before adding any pictures or text, make sure it adds value to the page.

Function is Important

Your users will notice a page that is appealing aesthetically, and will also notice if the function is less than ideal. In many cases, they will click away when things are slow to load or frustrating to navigate. Testing on a variety of browsers is necessary to ensure that everything works properly across all platforms. Designing your page to work well on both computers and mobile is important. You also want it to load quickly and optimize it with appropriate keywords and a solid navigation map. This allows it to rank highly on search results. Finally, you want to make sure that every website you design is secure. SSL encryption allows visitors to know at a glance that their information is safe. While this is vital for any type of e-commerce site, SSL encryption can be utilized on any web page and is beneficial in search results.