Why Security on Your WordPress Site is Important

WordPress is one of the most popular ways to build a website or a blog online.  The software is free, easy to install and use and comes with millions of plug-in options and themes to customize a website to your needs.  As many online users know, one of the downfalls of being connected to the internet is that it poses a security risk, mostly online, but offline as well.  Here we are going to cover some of the reasons that making your WordPress site secure should be on the top of your to-do list.

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3 Ways Better Security Can Help

When it comes to running your website with WordPress, building a secure is actually something anyone can do with a little direction.  Some of the ways that your WordPress site can become less secure include installing a bad plug-in, not updating your theme software or the core software and malware attached on the back end.  When you have a better security plan in place, viruses, malware, theft of information and hacked SEO can be prevented.  In many cases, hackers use “bots” to gain access to your site, plant the malware and the rest will run automatically.

Backing Up a WordPress Website

If you think that your website is vulnerable to a hacker or you just want to be sure that you have something to revert back to in case you are hacked, backing up your WordPress site is the easiest first step.  Protect yourself and your site by doing regular backups, even when updating your WordPress security plug-in, themes and software.  WordPress is a very easy bundle of software to use and completing a regular backup process is also very easy.  To find out if you can back up your WordPress blog, check to make sure you have access to the admin section of your website.

Getting Hacked is Not the End of the Line

We have all been there.  You wake up one morning and your website has been hacked by malware that was planted in an old theme folder.  The first thing you do is freak out and try to figure out how someone, anyone would be able to do such a thing to you.  Then it is time to realize that you have to fix it very quickly or you are going to have readers leaving your site for another on the web.  Just realize that even if your site got hacked, that is not the end of the line.  There are many how to guides online that will help you every step of the way and in most cases, as long as the malware is not one that impacted more than one folder, you can get your site cleaned up for free.

WordPress security is a very important thing and just for the fact that the software is popular, makes it a great place for hackers to start.  If you have valuable information on your site, or just do not want to re-build your site after being hacked, take precautions and your site will live to see another day!