Your Go-To Online PDF Tool: Gogopdf’s Best and Most Helpful Features That You Can Use

Good things come to those individuals who have undying patience. That goes the same with finding the best online PDF tool. Gogopdf provides exceptional PDF features and useful tools that no other PDF site can ever compete with. Here are Gogopdf’s top features you need to check right now.

Online Conversion For HTML Format To PDF 

With many online PDF tools that you can find on the internet nowadays, only a few of them can provide the best output conversion quality. Gogopdf is one of the few out there that offers multiple conversion features, such as to convert HTML to PDF, PDF to Microsoft formats, and other PDF functions with the highest precision possible.

So, the first question is how easy and how excellent Gogopdf when it comes to converting HTML format files into PDF. You can only convert your file in one possible way, and that’s on Gogopdf’s online page. You go to Gogopdf’s website and click HTML to PDF; when you successfully enter the page, Gogopdf will provide you the steps for conversion.

You have to follow only four steps when converting your HTML format file into PDF. The first step is to get your HTML link and paste it on Gogopdf’s conversion box. Gogopdf will start the process of converting your file. The third step is that you need to wait. After waiting for a few minutes, your file will be done and ready for download.

The remarkable thing about this particular feature of Gogopdf is that you can open or pull-up this tool in any type of operating systems, such as the usual operating system that you can use right now like Microsoft Windows, Android, macOS, Linux, and iOS. You’re reading it directly; you can pull-up this tool using your mobile phone, which is a very convenient option to have.

Adding And Protecting Your PDF File Using Gogopdf’s Protect PDF Tool

Since most people are working at home, and most of the essential reports and account files are going through online, you must protect your information to lessen the chance of being hacked by other people. Gogopdf created a beneficial and useful tool, which you can add a code to your file so that no one else can open your files without your permission.

Gogopdf’s Password Protect PDF tool is one of the best tools that Gogopdf ever did to help people like you have 100% security to your files. No matter what kind of information you’re hiding in your file, with Gogopdf’s excellent security features or tools, you’ll have full control of your file. With Gogopdf, you don’t need to download or install any type of software.

There are only four steps that you need to follow to use Gogopdf’s Protect PDF feature. The first thing is that you need to select or pick the particular file that you need to lock or add a password. Gogopdf will prompt you to add or type your password manually. You can now directly email your file to other people or download your file back.

Gogopdf puts high respect on their client’s invaluable information. With that, every single detail of information that their clients added or uploaded to Gogopdf’s system will be automatically removed after every process is done or completed. That’s how excellent Gogopdf cherishes its client’s privacy and security.

Unlocking Any Personal Password Protection On Your PDF Online

Are you fed-up or tired of entering or typing the password every time you need to pull-up your file on the go? If that’s the case, you should know this unique tool that Gogopdf made for you. The Unlock PDF will remove any possible codes that you added to your file in just a few steps. No need to go for any programming nonsense to use this tool.

The first step to do for you to start removing the password that you added to your file is selecting the particular file from your document and transferring it to Gogopdf’s system. Gogopdf will now commence the process of removing your password. After waiting for a few seconds, your PDF will now be free from any passwords or codes.

With those few steps, you now have a password-free PDF that you can open or pull-up any time you want without the hassle of typing a password. It will also help your colleague to view your file on the go without asking for your password. It will not just make editing your file faster, but it will also provide an incredible increase in your productivity.

With Gogopdf’s cloud storage system, unlocking your file will be very easy and fast since you can do it in any web browser that you have on your personal computer or mobile device. This also works with other tools and features of Gogopdf, which is pretty convenient, especially if there’s a need to edit or pull-up your file on the go.

Gogopdf’s Easy PDF File Sharing Feature

If sharing some PDF files is your problem right now, then you need to learn about Gogopdf’s easy PDF file sharing tool. With this tool, you can share your PDF with anyone around the world in just a few seconds. Gogopdf also provided all the necessary steps for you to easily follow so that you won’t have any difficult time.

The sharing process will all happen on Gogopdf’s PDF Share page; there’s no need to install any third-party software or tool, which makes it more favorable for you if time isn’t on your side. You can even share multi-format files such as PNG, BMP, GIF, and JPEG using Gogopdf’s file-sharing tool. How cool is that?


To find an exceptional online PDF tool is difficult if you don’t have any idea which tool has the best features to offer. Gogopdf is proven to be, if not the best, provides the most helpful and useful tools compared to other online PDF tools that you find right now. Gogopdf also has other tools that it offers to you; check their website at