Tools That Will Help You in Building a Profitable High Conversion Landing Page

Landing pages are the way to go for marketer and website owners to convert leads into sales, not to mention, attract prospective customers to the site. Today, the digital world is not just about sharing content on a blog weekly. Website owners have understood the benefits of a landing page, and are now leveraging them for the best results in their marketing campaigns.

If you are seeking to get into this space, there is a lot of learning to do. Other than creativity, you need to employ the aid of a tool that can help you come up with a landing page that will not only be attractive to look at but will be very profitable in bringing conversions.

Here are some of those tools you should consider:


This is a very popular landing page tool in the market today. From its name, the concept behind the tool is to ensure that visitors don’t ‘bounce’ or exit from your website, but rather convert. The Unbounce is a “drag and drop” tool that is easy to use, even for beginners. It is very customizable because users can pick items from the side menus and drag them into a section on the landing page. The best thing about this tool is that the landing page will be very responsive, even to mobile users, which is becoming a major concern in the times we are in.


Like the Unbounce, the Instapage tool also has a drag-and-drop system where users can edit individual elements. Both Instapage and Unbounce also have an A/B testing feature where users can test their landing page creations before using them.

It is a very simple tool to use, and the best bit is that it comes with a WordPress plugin, which is super convenient for WordPress users. The tool is a freemium one, with a limited version for free. However, with only $29 a month, you can get the best out of this tool.


The Leadpages is a landing page builder that features a massive selection of templates, with advanced content creator features such as Leadboxes and A/B testing for premium subscribers. Ideally, you can sort through the various templates based on their expected conversion rates that are measured on past performance. Like other landing page builders, this one also has an analytics section for testing different landing pages and their performances. Unfortunately, most of the templates are not free, which means you have to part with a couple of dollars for which one.

5 Second Test

Like the name would suggest, this landing page tool focuses on saving time. People hate to wait for anything online, especially in getting what the main point to your message it. The tool helps you create a landing page that is clear on what your message is and why visitors should convert immediately to your brand, instead of leaving your site.

This tool is a little unique because it goes as far as to incorporate the opinion of users in coming up with the best landing page. Technically, random registered users receive a message from your site asking them to look at your landing page for five seconds. They are then to remember as much as they can about what they see. The drill is, if the users are unable to answer those questions correctly, then it means your landing page layout or content has a problem.

A website can yield you a lot of benefits, as long as you understand how to take advantage of what you already have. Learn more here, on how you can tweak your keywords to come out with a high-profile website that merits the first page of Google.