Online Tools Small Businesses Need to Use in 2017

It’s not possible to survive as a business in 2017 without having a strong online presence. Technology is here to stay and you need digital tools to make the most of the limited resources you have as a small business. The good news is that there are plenty of such tools that will help make you make doing business a lot easier and more straightforward.

Here are the top tools your small business needs to use in 2017 for better business success.


If your small business employs a small (or big) team, you should use online tool TrackSmart. The web-based time and attendance software will make it super easy to keep track of shifts, time off, vacations and other such HR elements. You can even create schedules for the employees with just a few clicks of a button.


Social media is one part of running a modern business that you simply can’t get away with. Luckily, you can use online tools that make the upkeep of your social media accounts just slightly more pleasant. The can queue your content with the tool, simply adding new content and not having to worry about rescheduling. MeetEdgar even categorizes the content ensuring you don’t keep posting the same type of material in a row!


The other famous alternative for social media management is Buffer. It’s not quite as comprehensive as MeetEdgar, however,it does cost less. You can also integrate it with all of your main social media accounts from Facebook to LinkedIn. You can also opt for either the free or the paid version – the free being sufficient for many small businesses with limited online activity.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to grow their website or blog. Now, the tool is not the most approachable and the first time can be rather daunting. However, it will definitely help you understand your traffic better, create better online marketing campaigns, and figure how cost-effective all of this is for you. You can even use the tool for setting up goals and track your e-commerce business. This will help you create more focused marketing campaigns, keep your website up-to-date and understand where your results are coming from.


Snappa is a great media tool that helps you create beautiful and powerful graphics to use on social media, ads and blogs. It’s a solid alternative for Photoshop – much easier to use and plenty of beautiful templates you can use and tweak. You can also upload your own messages. One of the best uses for Snappa is the ability to make infographics. You can trial the tool before committing to the monthly subscription.


If your business requires the use of video as part of its service or even the ad materials, you should consider muvee. The software tool is a video editing system that you can use to create stunning clips with the help of video or photos. You can incorporate music and other effects in an instant and the tool will help you make decisions that lead to the best results.


Accounting can take a big chunk of your time. But it’s also something your business wants to get right because it can mean the difference between a profitable year and a non-profitable year. To make the most of your finances and ensure you spend a fortune on private accountants, get the online tool QuickBooks. The accounting software will help with budgeting, tax compliance, invoicing and financial planning. It’s super easy to use and it can provide you with a cost-effective solution to this tedious task.


Another great money-management tool is Sliptree. The tool is perfect for invoicing by making the tedious process last only less than a minute. With this tool, you’re also able to customize your invoices with your business logo, correct VAT and other tax rates, and even use it to invoice in different languages! You can also track when the customer opens the invoice e-mail – so no longer can the clients try to avoid paying by stating they never received the bill. The free version is available for anyone with a small enough monthly invoicing cost – perfect for small business.

Many of the above software tools offer a trial option and it’s a good idea to use it to see if the tool is right for you. Some of them also have free options available, which can be sufficient for small business. You can buy these online tools for cheaper rates using coupon codes available at which will keep you within budget so ensure you don’t miss on these amazing tools.

Online tools are beneficial for small businesses and you definitely need to use them in 2017. With the above tools, you can get started and boost your business to the next level this year.