Makita Cordless Jigsaw: Perfect for both Curved and Circular Cutouts

The modern leader in the power tool market, Makita company specializes in the production of high-quality and well-thought-out products. Their assortment includes both the latest innovative samples of hand and power tools and classic samples proven by years of operation. The Makita brand is highly trusted among professionals all over the world. A wide range of tools is used both in industry and in small workshops.

The cordless tool segment deserves special mention. Makita company occupies a leading position in the world in its production. Currently, over a dozen accessories are available. The total capacity of the company includes over 1000 items and 8 manufacturing enterprises.

This article brings to your attention the latest invention of the craftsmen in the Makita brand – Makita cordless jigsaw DJV181Z 18V

Makita jigsaw 18v DJV181Z and its advantages

For accurate and efficient processing of wood, plastic, or metal, in addition to experience and skills, it is necessary to have capable equipment. With the Makita cordless jigsaw 18v, you can achieve incredible professional quality.

Makita 18v jigsaw is perfect for both curved and circular cutouts. A high-power brushless motor with speed control will tackle any amount of work of any difficulty. It has a three-stage pendulum stroke that can work in four positions:

  1. Straight cutting (suitable for mild steel or plastic)
  2. Small cutting radius (mild steel, aluminum, or hardwood)
  3. Medium cutting radius (fast cutting of aluminum and steel)
  4. Large cutting radius (fast cutting of wood and plywood)

The design of the Makita 18v jigsaw brushless is made with an emphasis on being as comfortable as possible in the hand of the worker and performing its functions for as long as possible thanks to its 18V battery. Due to its excellent price-quality ratio, the Japanese brand Makita continues to occupy the first position among manufacturers of power tools. And this model is no exception – Makita DJV181Z 18V is an excellent solution for various types of work on wood or metal, which will greatly simplify and speed up the process.