Logomyway Introduces a Logo Maker

Large and established businesses spend millions of dollars on designing and updating their brand logo. However, upcoming and startup businesses may lack the financial strength to hire expensive logo designers. Luckily, there is an alternative method they can use to design effective logos by using online logo makers.

Online logo makers are platforms that provide logo design templates that you can use to design a great logo. You don’t need to be an expert graphic designer to use the logo maker.  The templates are fully or partially customizable – you can edit the color, font, texture, format, and anything.

Logomyway is a logo design platform that brings different professional logo makers together with business owners by holding logo contests. The company started holding logo contests from 2009. Logomyway has introduced a state of the art online logo maker platform.

Features of the Logomyway Online Logo Maker

Logomyway excels in bringing you advanced features that allow you to design your logo free of restrictions. It will help you to design an effective logo that speaks your brand.

Here are the features that set the Logomyway logo maker above the rest.

Easy to use interface

Designing a log can be hard for anyone without technical knowhow. However, Logomyway online logo maker ensures that anybody can design a logo no matter their experience.

You can design a logo within a few minutes by following the following simple steps.

  1. Open the Logomyway online logo maker.
  2. Enter business name and slogan
  3. Choose a log from the logo templates provided.
  4. Edit the logo design template to suit your brand.
  5. Pay the copyright fee to download your full logo.

Numerous logo design templates

Having been in the business for over a decade, Logomyway has brought together more than 40,000 logo designers who have designed over 5 million logos for over 30,000 clients.

Through their immense portfolio, they have compiled a large database of logo templates that give you a chance to create a unique logo.

They offer you a chance to design a memorable logo, recognizable, and a true representation of your brand.

Fully customizable logo templates

One of the most frustrating aspects of online logo makers is to limit the extent to which you can customize your logo design.

However, Logomyway online logo maker is different as it allows you to edit the templates as much as you need. You are free to change the color, font, texture, background, and fonts.

Being customizable ensures that the logo that you design is unique only to your business and that you can edit it to portray your brand voice as much as you want.

High-quality logos

Not only does Logomyway have many different logos on their logo maker platform, but also they have high-quality logo designs.

The quality of a logo determines how well customers will perceive it and how easier it is to use on different mediums.  

By using Logomyway, you will be able to design an aesthetically appealing logo, which does not lose quality, whether on digital or traditional mediums.

Offers different downloadable logo formats

When using your logo on different mediums may be tricky because you may end-up losing quality when resizing.

However, the Logomyway logo maker prevents you from experiencing this predicament by providing you with different and superior formats such as vector files that do not distort when resized.

The platform will provide you with high-resolution file formats such as PNG, JPG, PDF, EPS, and SVG.

Professional logo designer consultation service

Sometimes you might run into complications when designing your logo. Or fail to get the exact outcome as you would wish. In such a situation, Logomyway provides you an option to seek advice and help from a professional logo designer.

They have thousands of logo makers that can help you to nail the best logo design that you need. 

Advantages of Using the Logomyway Online Logo Maker

There numerous online logo makers out there, but Logomyway provides the best features that ensure you design the best logo possible.

Here are the benefits that you will get when you use the Logomyway logo maker.

Hassle-free logo designing process

The Logomyway online logo maker has 5 simple steps, which allow you to design a logo in just a few minutes. The platform doesn’t bother you with complicated registrations and verification procedures that end-up wasting your time and money.

Anybody can use the platform even if they have zero skills in graphic design because the platforms contain easy to customize logo templates.

Ability to edit colors and fonts

Every brand has specific colors and fonts to evoke certain emotions to the customers.  These colors should also reflect on your logo, and thus a logo maker should allow you to change the colors and fonts.

Logomyway logo maker allows you to edit colors, fonts, texture, and background. With this logo maker, you will be able to design a log that is unique to your business and a true representation of your brand.

Affordable copyright fee

Logomyway has two affordable packages that transfer full copyright of the logo to you after you finish designing it. They offer two packages, standard and premium. 

On both packages, you get 100% ownership copyright. You will be free to use your logo as you wish. And once you buy the logo, there are no other charges you are required to pay then and in the future.

Get a recognizable and memorable unique logo

The sole purpose of a logo is to help customers to recognize your brand or business. This can’t be achieved with logos that are too similar to others in the market.

An effective logo should be memorable and unique so that customers can recognize it anytime they come across your brand. Logomyway logo maker ensures that your logo design comes out unique and portraying your brand voice

Use the Logomyway Logo Maker to Design an Effective Logo

Get to use all the features above when you choose Logomyway online logo maker. Use the thousands of templates provided and enjoy the freedom of editing them as you wish.

Get all the essential file formats that are easy to resize and use in different mediums at a low cost. Logomyway will help you to grow your brand and make your business succeed through recognizable and memorable logos.