Best Wireframe & Prototype Tools for Building a Website

In order to create a web application or a website in an easier way, wireframe and prototype tools are used to make the process of website development a lot easier. Moreover, these tools are used to strip down the product visually and allow developers to totally focus on functions and making it user interactive. Besides, before you make your website live you should review web host and always choose the best that provide you best in terms of security and scalability.

Businesses are required to analyze and understand how their idea for the best web application or website is going to work. However, if you are just going to talk about it in verbal or by writing are going to make ignore so many important functions in a website and it is not going to help businesses and there are chances for a lot of errors in it. Wireframe and prototype tools are very helpful for setting up a new website.

If you are starting as a blogger, you should definitely read the list of best wireframe and prototype tool for setting up a website. is one of the basic wireframe and prototype tool for website developers and designers where they can use it in their website workflow design. However, it has a simple looking user interface and a small number of feature set developers and designers can totally focus on creating effective wireframes.

Its web-based solution and WYSIWYG interface allow designers and developers to design wireframes without any need to create a new account. It is the best solution for new web developers and designers who want to convert their paper-based wireframe design into a digital one.

Cost: The basic version of is free. If you want to get a private version of the same then it costs $15 a month per user.

Mockflow is the another best wireframe and prototype tool for web developers and designers who want to add wireframes to their website design workflow but are not familiar with the complexities of a more robust solution.

In order to make the project a lot more simple, Mockflow provides a third-party store which contains templates which users can explore and purchase those templates from the store.

Cost: Mockflow provides a basic plan for free and it starts with $14 per month with an option for annual billing. For this plan, businesses can add up to 5 users on a single project and can gain the access to Windows or Mac OS desktop-based apps.

If you are starting as a blogger, this tool is crucial for you. InVision is globally known for its wireframing and prototyping tools in the development industry.

It is used by many businesses worldwide and they put more focus on creating a best prime environment for collaboration which results in outstanding products and designs.

InVision have integrated both Trello and Slack, which is great for both web designers and web developers who are looking for a solution which is supporting wireframing and prototyping. In addition, it provides advanced features required to create good prototypes.

Cost: InVision wireframing and prototyping tool is open-source and is available for free to download. Only enterprise users are required to pay monthly fees.

Moqups is one of the most vibrant wireframing and prototyping tool which brings refreshing design to every workflow, process, or concept created using this platform. Moreover, it comes with the functionality which requires to work with a project from the flow chart which contains project planning to the real state of prototyping and its interactivity.

Moqups uses features like feedback in real-time, unlimited number of users in one subscription, and cloud storage which makes it an ideal tool for developers and freelancers who looking to improve their wireframing process.

Cost: For 1 GB of storage and 10 project Moqups costs $13 per month. However, developers can pay $29 per month for 20 GB of storage and unlock unlimited projects which are perfect for big-scale businesses.

Axure RP allows web developers and designers to create interactive based HTML mockups for web applications and websites. Moreover, it allows to add various types of functionality to the layout and creates new interactive wireframes and prototypes. Some of the highlighting features of this tool are widgets in form of UI elements and sitemaps.

With the help of this, you can create Interactive HTML mockups for both web applications and websites and you can view the design of your web app on your smartphone by using built-in share function.

Cost: The prices of pro edition are $29 month and prices for team and enterprise version are $49 per month and $99 per month respectively.

Unlike the all other tools mentioned in this post, SimpleDiagram is easy to use and brings an enjoyable element of sketching to the wireframing and prototyping. Furthermore, it is one of the appealing tools for web developers and designers who want to add something new to their approach to process development, problem-solving, etc.

SimpleDiagram comes preinstalled with 500 drawing shapes, a big background library, and some good examples where you can use this tool to convert your ideas and concepts into the real-time product. However, it is not the robust solution for developers and designers because it lacks collaboration features and it is a great tool for sharing the ideas internally. In addition, it is the best tool for beginners who want to start fresh in the field of wireframing and prototyping.

Cost: Users can purchase the single license of SimpleDiagram which can be used by up to three devices and it costs one time fees of $49 only.


When it comes to creating your ideas and turning them into a reality, we can suggest any number of wireframing and prototyping tools. However, you are the one to decide which tool is going to offer you the best for money to your business. The above-mentioned tools are mostly free to use or some provide free trial for a limited number of days and some of these tools fees are based on the usage of the businesses. In addition to review web host, you need to choose the tool in a proper way by doing some good proper research about all of them.