8 Best Tools for Digital Marketing for Businesses

Digital marketing is not an easy task, regardless of what you’ve been told. The good news is that unlike traditional marketing campaigns, digital marketing campaigns can be tested, improved and fine-tuned with the help of a broad range of free and paid tools that can serve many purposes. Regardless if you are making your first website to step in the world of digital marketing or if you already have successful projects behind your back, you can rest assured that the digital marketing tool collection in this post will help you improve your toolbox. We’ve prepared a comprehensive list of the eight best tools for digital marketing for businesses, so you should stay tuned if this is a topic you are interested in!

Google Analytics

We doubt there is a list of the best digital marketing tools that does not include Google Analytics. Google’s all-in-one traffic analysis tool gives you detailed data and statistics about the way people find your website – search engines, social networks, direct visits. It can also tell you if users browse your website through mobile devices on a regular basis or if they stick to using computers. Google Analytics can even tell you how visitors behave while browsing your websites, and which are the most interesting parts of your pages! The best part? It is completely free!


MailChimp is the tool you need if you are looking to take your email marketing game to the next level. It is used by millions of users, but this doesn’t come as a surprise when you take a look at its features, efficiency, and affordability. Newly registered users get a free trial for as long as they want, and they can use it to send up to 12,000 e-mails monthly, as well as to support up to 2,000 subscribers.


Content plays an important part in digital marketing, and it is important to make sure that the money you invest in writing services will pay off. This is where BuzzSumo comes into play – with this tool you can quickly analyze keywords, see how they performed in the past, and receive a bunch of other data that can give you helpful insight on how good your keyword choice is.


Social media plays an important role in any digital marketing campaign, and tools like Oktopost can give you help when it comes to sharing messages across multiple social media accounts, as well as receiving statistics about the effectiveness of social media campaigns.


Not everyone has a limitless budget, and sometimes businesses need to save some money by reducing the quality of certain services. What if we tell you that many things might cost you less without having a negative impact on their quality? Making illustrations and graphic elements for your digital marketing campaigns can be quite costly, but tools like Canva are here to help! Canva is free to use, it does not require any experience or skills, and its users get to work with a rich library of stock images, effects, patterns, and design elements that can be modified with the help of a user-friendly editor.


Call to action elements may help with certain digital marketing campaigns. Instead of manually editing all your pages, you can use Ope.nr to create custom call to actions for any link you share via social media.


Organizing customer data will be an easier task with Tropical’s services. Thanks to this great application, you can bring the data from your CRM system, e-mail marketing service and help desk in one place.


Mention is a must-have tool if social media is a major part of your digital marketing strategy. It is undoubtedly one of the greatest tools for digital marketing for businesses because it gives you instant updates whenever someone mentions your brand or one of the key phrases you’ve chosen. This way you won’t miss praise nor complaints, and you’ll be able to improve communication with both current and potential clients.