7 DIY Website Builders on Budget

Website building is a fun activity for those who love to get their hands dirty. It comes with its perks such as attractive templates, slides, and responsive pages. Website builders have created varieties of templates and themes that may suit your taste. Besides the fact that these websites are responsive, you can build websites on your own. In other words, you can do it yourself. You don’t need to go through the stress of calling a web developing company or freelancer. Web building has been made easy for you without having to acquire an in-depth knowledge of web development. All it takes is a little time and commitment, and you’ll produce a professional result with small efforts.

Below are seven website builders that can help you get what you want on an affordable budget.


Jimdo is a powerful website builder. It is a web hosting service that provides a what-you-see-is-what-you-get set of tools. As said earlier, you don’t need an in-depth knowledge of HTML and CSS language to build your website. With a fantastic feat of an application made for both Android and IOS, you can create, monitor and manage your site from your phone. One perk that comes with the app is a free trial for starters, but you’ll have to upgrade your account as you progress. Other benefits include a free version, custom domain, E-commerce section, templates, and a hosted service. The services come at various prices depending on the category you want. Refer to jimdo for your choice of price.


Slides is an amazing web builder that enables you to create your websites in a twinkle of an eye. It features animated and adaptive pages that have been made easy to change and quick to build. It also blesses you with the choice of selecting over 200 slides to create your layout. More so, you can combine those slides to create a website that matches your taste. It contains built-in modules that make it easy to set up and customize. All of these come at affordable prices. Visit designmodo for more on the package.


Want to build a website that looks simple, professional and can be up and running in a jiffy? This website is just the one for you. Created as a simple website which allows businesses to create blogs and online stores, its main features entail the availability of a free version, provides a 24/7 customer support, hosted service and also mobile-friendly. For more information and pricing, visit website.


As an upcoming do-it-yourself website builder, Squarespace is the go-to website. This web builder comes handy when you don’t have an iota of knowledge about web-building skills, and you want an attractive and formidable web page.  It features styling alternatives which make it stand out and a customer service that dedicates a 1-hour response time 24/7. It also features templates, E-commerce and is mobile-friendly. Check out this Squarespace review to pick your choice of services and price.


Readymag can be almost classified as an all-in-one web builder due to its amazing features. It provides the luxury of creating photo stories, small sites, magazines and lots more. It also provides you with a variety of salivating templates. You may have a little problem in selecting the one you want, but you’ll still have to settle for one eventually.

Interestingly, the templates come with no codes. It also comes with a free version, a drag-and-drop interface based on templates and a hosted service. If you own a publishing company and the idea of going online to sell your market on the web, Readymag is just the right website for you. For more on fulfilling your fantasies, be sure to check readymag website


Looking forward to creating an appealing and noticeable portfolio? Semplice is a web builder that is a bit different from the conventional website builder with templates. It’s designed to build branded pages and gives an avenue for you to market yourself and what you do. Because of this, all project slides has its unique style and layout. Unlike some web builder, Semplice is a white-label product, i.e. no one can guess that Semplice is the genius behind your work (of course, with your permission). It’s built on WordPress, mobile-friendly and has no free trial. The most exciting feature about it is that you get to own your work forever.

 All you have to do is pay once, and all your future portfolios are waiting to be created. It lets you build any layout of your choice and allows you to add codes for customizing your layouts. If you’re looking for a template-based web builder, this is not the place for you. However, if you want to have a quick sketch or design to produce, don’t delay in using Semplice. Ensure to visit semplicelabs for more on the web builder


If you’re a designer, photographer, artist or you speak the creative language; this web builder was built especially for you. Portfoliobox allows you to project your photos in a one-of-a-kind way. It also provides you with a design that can be customized by you and a user interface that you can easily relate with, especially if you’re someone with a simple but classy and professional taste. Because of this feature, you can select styles for pages and merge them. Like most web builders, it has a hosted service, is mobile-friendly, has an E-commerce feature and has a free version for starters. For information on Portfoliobox and how best to utilize it, take a peep at portfoliobox.net/.


There other websites that are also built for you to give your business an optimum boost and drive. They help you establish a robust online presence, and also improve your marketing strategy. You could also be one step higher if your business is a competitive one. More importantly, all these come at friendly and affordable prices, so don’t take long to sit down and count your costs for too long. Small businesses started slowly as well! You can also begin something today.