Tips for Logo Designing in Photoshop

The number of companies we come across, that are present in the world, get identified not only by the kind of businesses they deal in but also through their logo. Nowadays there are several content management systems like WordPress, Joomla through which businesses as well as individuals can create fabulous content. As we move ahead, you would understand exactly how to Make a logo for your wordpress theme. We will also discuss about the tips on how to design a logo in photoshop.

What Is A Logo?

A logo has a major impact on the minds of the customers. It helps people to perceive a particular brand. It can be in the form of a graphic mark, symbol or emblem, primarily used to help and promote recognition among public. With dozens of new businesses starting up every week, it is more important than ever to stand out from the crowd in a competitive marketplace. Your logo is key to generating a unique brand image, so dedicate some serious time to evaluating the different logo design ideas that are out there. You can also use logo maker app for getting a perfect logo for your brand.

Importance of a Logo

Before looking into the tips for getting a logo designed in photoshop, let us briefly discuss about the importance of a logo.

  • Helps to Reveal a Company’s Identity: A logo can help in revealing the identity of any organization, as to who their customers are, the kind of products they sell and the benefits they offer to the customers through the products.
  • Allows New Customers to Know You: Attracting new customers and thereby expansion of business is a common trend among organizations across the world. A logo helps an organization to achieve this goal.
  • Distinguishes a Business From the Competition: A good logo not only reflects who you are but also sets you apart from your competitors.
  • Facilitates Brand Loyalty: Brand loyalty is something, which every organization strives to achieve. A recognizable brand always creates a positive impression on the minds of the customers; attract them to do business with a particular organization, hence leading to growth and expansion.

Tips to Design a Logo in Photoshop

Now that we have looked at the benefits of a logo, let us now take a look at some of the tips for designing a logo in photoshop.

Adobe photoshop software is the industry standard in digital imaging and hence used on a worldwide basis for the purpose of design, video editing, photography and more.

Different tips for designing fabulous logos in photoshop are:

  • Client Brief: The very first step before starting off with designing a logo, is consultation with the client. This is required because, only through discussion, one will get to know about the client’s requirements. Along with the requirements, which a client would put forward, a logo designer can share his own inputs as well.
  • Rough Sketch and Concept Work: Before heading straight into Photoshop, its important to make a rough sketch of one’s ideas on a piece of paper. By this, you can get ample freedom to think out of the box and make necessary adjustments as per the requirements of the client.
  • Time for Second Consultation: This is a very important step in the design process, as you sit along with your client, to show him the rough sketch and ask if everything is in order. It helps to give the client more insight into what he or she wants.
  • Making the Design: Now, after having the second consultation, a logo designer would have a fair idea of where to run with the design. This is where Photoshop comes into play. Under photoshop, now the following steps should be followed:

i) Create a New Photoshop Document and Add a Background:

Select File, New to create a new photoshop document. Ensure that the background colour is set as transparent and that the Width and Height would make the document similar in shape to that of a business card. Now, a texture can used as a background, by dragging and dropping the texture onto the first layer of the Photoshop document created.

ii) Use the Brush Tool for Adding Fun Elements to the Logo:

Using a brush in Photoshop helps to easily customize a brand and hence making it unique. Before selecting a brush, it’s important to change the Foreground colour to a shade, which would match the texture. Then use the brush and experiment with Blending Modes and Opacity till everything gets blends together in a proper manner.

iii) Add Text To The Photoshop Logo:

Now, text can be added by clicking T on the toolbar, which would instantly make a new layer. Colour of the text can be altered in a similar manner, just like the alteration done for the colour of the brush tool. Free downloads can be done for some unique fonts and the text gets adjusted accordingly, to keep in line with the rest of the image.

iv) Save the Photoshop Logo in a Layered File:

Once everything is set, then one can crop the final image and can save an extra copy of the designs in a PSD, which would help a designer to make changes, if required, later on.

Consultation and Delivery

After finishing off with the designing of logo, third and final consultation takes place with the client. This would give the client concrete design and also help to align with what he or she exactly wanted. If required he might ask the designer to make minor changes or take delivery of the logo.