Tips For Promoting Your Brand On Instagram and Avoiding Regulations

The establishment of social media platforms has created quite an indelible mark in various sectors of the world and has particularly revolutionized the businesses and communications ways and strategies. In line with this, amongst the numerous social media platforms, Instagram stands unmatched in popularity. Instagram, the platform for photo sharing achieved a million registered users in the space of two months from its launch. Little wonder that major brands jumped on the platform within a limited time

As a business brand, choosing to use such social media platform that boasts of the amazing visual component for business communication has accompanying risks and challenges. That said, although several business brands view social media communications as formal, a lot of them are not realized yet that they are legally responsible for every content that’s posted. To get all this sorted, Instagrowing team discussed below ways in which businesses can comply with the laid down principles in this Instagram era.

Rules Governing The Regulatory Game

If you are a business brand and you use Instagram for active promotion or communication, crucially important that you strictly obey to data preservation regulations and advertising. This is especially important if your brand is a regulated industry such as finance industries governed by the Securities Exchange Commission. Refusing to conform to such regulations can result in injunctions, lawsuits or fines. The rules governing the use of Instagram are stiffer due to its photo sharing or visual content property. Firms therefore should ensure that they are using images lawfully and that they understand the regulations. These brings in the importance of reducing reputational risk.

Reduce Reputational Risk

Firstly, to reduce your reputational risk, management procedures and controls should be developed. Such procedures should curtail what your employees can post on social media. In line with this, each social media platform has challenges peculiar to it. There is, therefore, the need for your business brand to create a distinct policy for each platform. To indicate transparency you can upload on your website your social media policies.

Keep A Record Of Your Works

Well, having a breakdown of all your works from Instagram posts to comments saves you from losing resources and enables you to avoid several potential legal pitfalls. If your brand is being investigated or is at the end of a lawsuit gun, a social media discovery might be the way out. With a big company the Instagram activities of every employee should be reviewed to ensure that they keep up with regulatory compliance. Also while posting pictures, try not to post pictures that are derogatory or offensive.

Summarily, Instagram is an amazing social media platform for linking business brands while also promoting effective business communication. However, it’s regulations are incapable of being ignored. As a business brand owner you can only do your best to avoid Instagram’s regulatory pitfalls. The way outs are discussed above.