Link Building Tips for Bloggers

Did you know Google confirmed that link building still stays on the top of the SEO ranking factors? Well, that’s true! Google says it is super challenging to rank a website that doesn’t follow the link building strategy. Link building only works for people who adapt to the current Google algorithm. Today, we hear a lot of people say, “Our major focus relies on on-page SEO.” But, is that all you need to ensure that the search engine will rank your website? Even if your website is ranked, what are the chances your business will make it to the top page?

Creating your blog and adding content to it is not sufficient. Once you have designed your website, it is time to follow the right content marketing strategy so that the customers find your content on the search engines and hit your website. Note that having a website is nothing more than a small hut in the woods, which is hard to locate. Well, fret not! We have come up with a perfect solution, i.e., the backlinks. Make sure that the right link building strategy can take your online blog to the next level. In the simplest terms, the blogger has to get backlinks that direct the customers towards their blog.

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Let’s discuss the top link building tips for bloggers.

Guest Posting

There’s no denying that the internet is flooded with content. That’s why it becomes super annoying to find the perfect sites for backlinks. Gone are the days when bloggers would post content on their website and wait for people to link to their post. Maybe that strategy worked because there were a limited number of websites and content in the past era. However, you are wrong if you think this strategy is going to work in today’s ultra-competitive market. You need to write more content and share it with some reputable bloggers to get a backlink. Here are two important factors to consider for guest posting:

  1. Try to write high-quality and informative content that can help you gain backlinks.
  2. Share your content with websites that offer the same services as your business (this way, you can ensure that your content is displayed to your target audience).

It’s not easy to get backlinks through guest posting. But if you know the right content writing strategy, you can earn hundreds of backlinks. Reputable websites want valuable and high-quality content. If you manage to provide them with a unique and informative blog, you will earn a link pointing to your site.

Be Relevant

Nowadays, people love to read gossips. They are interested in knowing what’s going on with the celebs, politicians, and other famous personalities. No matter which subject you choose, your aim should be to provide the users with some crispy and viral news that attracts them. If you want to bait people for links, you need to offer them something interesting and trendy (which they probably couldn’t find on other blogs/websites). This is the best and easiest way to not only draw the attention of people to your page but have them post a similar article and link back to your page.

What else? You can make your blog post look attractive by adding some visual content to it. Infographics, images, charts, tables, and videos are some of the top multimedia content that has a positive impact on your readers.

Be Realistic and Raise Your Voice

The juicier your content is, the number backlinks you can expect. Yes, you read that, right! This is what the visitors want when they click on your website link. Creating eye-catching titles and SEO-optimized headers are cool, but you need to understand that the body of your content defines how accurate your post is. Instead of following other’s opinion, try to be practical. Raise your voice and publish the controversial content. Of course, there is a risk since a lot of people end up hurting a certain brand’s image by publishing content that is way too dramatic. You don’t have to do that; instead, support your arguments with real facts. It will make your content look genuine and interesting.

Never Buy Backlinks

Backlinks are perfect for your website as long as they are obtained with hard work. If you think buying backlinks from multiple sites can help you get the recognition from the search engines as well as customers, you are wrong. It is mentioned in the Google algorithm that purchasing backlink from third parties is strictly prohibited. Any user that attempts to buy backlinks in order to boost the traffic to their page is breaching Google’s terms. For Google, backlinks are like votes. And paying to obtain the votes is against the rules.

Instead of wasting your money and energy on purchasing backlinks, why don’t you invest your time in creating those backlinks naturally? Believe it or not, some hard work and dedication are all that you need to create high-quality web content that could help you get natural backlinks from renowned websites. This is the best way to achieve high-quality backlinks without having to spend a single penny or breach Google’s term.

Give a Testimonial

Have you ever received a message of a company insisting you to try their brand and write a testimonial? Well, this can be a good opportunity for bloggers. You can test their products and give the testimonials, and the company will provide you with the backlink. Note that the link obtained from the reputable company can earn you more traffic than anything else. This is, basically, a win-win situation where the bloggers get a free backlink without having to write a guest post or send thousands of requests while the company gets a free testimonial which helps them improve their website’s performance.

Ever since the inception of Google, link building is considered one of the most important ranking factors. And this fact has not changed in years. So, follow the above-listed link building tips and drive more traffic to your page. Check out ClickSlice if you are still struggling to secure high quality link placements for your website, they have a dedicated team that specializes in specifically in link building.