How to Merge and Split PDF Documents

It doesn’t really matter what kind of job you have or with which types of files you work with, regardless, at some point you will definitely need to perform particular manipulations within your files. Studying a clear and comprehensive guide with step-by-step instructions is a great way to further your knowledge and impress your colleagues. Of course, you could just continue to bother your co-workers and friends, asking them for tips on how to do your job, but that’s not the best way to go about things. 

As there are various platforms available that will allow you to merge and split PDF files on your PC or in the Cloud, it’s vital that you fully understand your use cases and ensure that the service you choose is safe, credible, and secure.

Presently, most PDF platforms offer merging and splitting functions — that’s not the issue. The real problem relates to the quality of such services and tools provided by these companies. Finding a service suitable for all of your PDF needs is not an easy task. Moreover, your skill-set has to be taken into account as many PDF solutions were designed by developers, for developers, making them virtually unusable for those of us who aren’t very technically inclined — even creating PDF files online or in an application can be tricky. If you cannot be certain that a specific PDF platform can meet all of your requirements, then don’t pay for it. Many platforms offer free trials or demo versions so you can try them out first before putting any money down. 

If you’re looking for a fast and easy way to merge and split your PDFs, services like Lumin PDF provide apps that can easily be downloaded on all of your mobile devices allowing you to merge and split documents on-the-go. The Lumin PDF app even comes complete with comprehensive guides, making it a great choice for novices and experts alike. Download the Lumin PDF app now to split and merge your PDF files. 

How to Merge and Split PDF Files with Lumin PDF

You may already know of a few different methods to split and merge PDF files — in other words, how to combine multiple PDF files into one, or how to split one large document into several smaller parts. Lumin PDF is a comprehensive, all-in-one platform that covers all of your PDF-related needs. With Lumin it’s so easy and fast to make everything you need. You can even save your documents online, in the program’s software, or on Google Drive — if you download the Lumin PDF extension

In order to split or merge PDF files with Lumin PDF, first, select the document in question and upload it to the Lumin platform. Once you have access to your file, you may begin merging/splitting. In order to merge a PDF file, choose which pages you would like to delete and click the “Merge” button. Everything else will be done automatically. Once you have completed the process, you can simply download the file. 

How to Merge and Split PDF files with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC

Adobe is a leading name in PDF manipulation. In fact, the creators of Adobe Acrobat actually invented the PDF format. Adobe provides its customers with complete safety, confidentiality, and credibility when it comes to working with PDFs. The only downside is that it’s not a simple platform to use. Locating and learning to use all of the necessary tools can be a challenging task. Attempting to navigate the included documentation and user-guides can be a daunting challenge on its own. Although it’s more than capable of performing PDF manipulations, if you’re interested in a quick and simple splitting and merging process, you should consider another service with less complicated software. On the other hand, if you regularly work with files of different sizes and functions, then this solution will be a great fit.


As long as you’re using the right software, working with PDFs can be simple and enjoyable. Lumin PDF combines ease-of-use with multiple functions and use cases. Aside from simple merge and split functions, Lumin PDF provides its users with a plethora of tools and features designed for PDF management. Today, with multiple PDF platforms to choose from, we have the ability to select a platform based on our wants and needs, that is geared toward the individual rather than just the experts. Often, people get used to one service and stick with it, despite the fact it doesn’t provide them with the tools necessary to meet their needs properly. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Download some free trials, try them out, and select the service that’s right for you. No matter the Platform you choose to go with, just make sure that it’s safe, reliable, and designed to cater to your skill-set.