How to Hire the Best Java Developers?

Java is the 20 years old programming language; still it is one of the most popular languages among the various options available to the developers. There are a number of reasons of why it is still the most preferred language by many tech experts. One of the reasons is the huge rise in the number of smartphones during the past decade. According to a study, almost 65 percent of the tablets and 86 percent of the smartphones run on the android platforms, while all the applications being used on the android platforms are developed using the Java’s framework. Seeing the increasing trend of the usage of java assures us that it will continue to be the most preferred language by many of the employers.

In this article, we will discuss about what things to look for while hiring a good java developer and the best way to hire them. So, without any delay, let’s get started.

Qualities that a good java developer needs to possess

An amazing java developer needs to have a firm hold on the knowledge of libraries and tools which are used in java execution, which is more important to have than the knowledge of language itself. The knowledge of the java serves another purpose. A person who is having a good command on the java will be able to reduce the time spent in writing every code from scratch. He must be able to work with the various other web developers, designers and software engineers to integrate this amazing developing language into the organization’s website. Java developer usually collaborates with the managers and analyses the user requirements to meet the demands of the both.

Java is a highly demanded language in the tech world, which is met with the adequate supply of the developers. But it’s not an easy task to find the best java developers who will serve the needs of the organizations. This is the situation which is hard to deal for the HRs. Still, following 4 ways are suggested to the recruiters in the IT organizations, which they can use to hire the java developers for their organization.

  • Create framework of Technical competencies

Technical competencies are an important part of the recruitment cycle of the technical people. If there is a job opening of a particular designation in the organization, then it is usually concerned with a specialized technical competency framework. For this, the HRs needs to hire technical expertise that will help them in defining a particular set of technical competencies which will be required in order to fulfill the requirements of the post. Once you define the set of technical qualities related to the job, you will be able to locate a better java developer. You just need to select a person who matches with the technical competency framework.

However, the technical expertise frameworks should be according to the journey of a java developer, which can usually be divided into 3 parts:

  1. Junior java developer: Having an experience of less than 2 years
  2. Senior java developer: having an experience of 2-5 years.
  3. Java tech lead: Having an experience of more than 5 years.
  • Using online java tests

These are like pre-hiring mechanism. These are specialized designed to test the coders on various parameters which are pre-determined by the recruiting organizations. These tests use various methods to test the abilities of the developers. For example, some of the tests use MCQs and simulators to test the candidates. These tests are a part of what we call coding assessment.

Usually, the following three parameters are used in Java online tests for assessing the java developers. These are:

  1. Space complexity: This specifies the space which is occupied by a code in the drive.
  2. Time complexity: This specifies the time taken by the coding experts to write the codes.
  3. Code complexity: This specifies the number of decision statements which are used by the candidates in the code.
  4. These are the most sought-after parameters by the top IT organizations in the country.
  • Asking the technical questions from the coders during interview

Personal interview is a two-way communication in which a person assesses the personality of another person through direct questioning and decides that whether he is suitable or not for the job. Not only this, a job seeker also wishes to know about the organization. But, most of the times, this opportunity is wasted by the interviewers by asking the context questions from the candidates. Interviews are made boring by them as they keep on asking the same questions such as “Tell me about yourself” or “Why we should hire you”. Such interviews become even worse when there is hiring of the technical staff. For example, according to a study, many of the java developers have agreed that they have been asked the various questions based on the different languages and technologies altogether.

However, following are the questions which could be asked from the java developers, which would be more helpful in assessing their overall working profile.

  1. How would you manage to synchronize the six threads at the same time?
  2. Where have you used the micro service architecture in your past years of service?
  3. List a few problems related to the producers as well as consumers?

Thus, in order to find the right match for your organization, you need to frame such other questions in advance which can help you getting familiar with the candidates’ skills.

  • Offering competent salary package

There are certain budgets which are allocated in every organization for meeting the salaries of every job role. But the HRs needs to get themselves well acquainted with best market practices, if they really want to use the budget in the best possible way. Highly skilled java developers are handsomely paid. Thus, once you have chosen the best match for your organization, then you need to offer a competitive compensation package to keep those employees retained in your organization. That’s indeed one of the best tips which will help you in long run while hiring technical expertise in your organization.

Those were the tips which should be followed by the HRs of the organizations which are in the search of some potential java developers.