How to Choose a Web Design Agency for Your Next Project

A website is an essential part of branding, and if yours isn’t up-to-date it might be time for a redesign! But how do you know which web design agency will best suit what needs? Well, luckily we’ve got some tips on selecting one!

In this article, we’ll help you choose an effective web design agency in Chicago that’ll help grow customer loyalty with modern designs. We’ll also help you focus on finding a firm that can maintain their trust through quality service delivery at affordable prices.

The digital marketing agency you choose should be able to provide key services like search engine optimization (SEO) and digital marketing that will help bring new customers. Ideally with digital ads. Of course, they first need to ask some questions about your business before coming up with a plan of action on how to bring in more traffic.

1. Be sure to research the web design agency before hiring them 

The agency will hold your future in its hands, so choose wisely! Look for an established, affordable web design agency with excellent reviews and experience in related fields. Focus on areas like SEO/Development first, before settling on them as they’ll be doing all of this work behind the scene.  

A good way to find out if a prospective web design agency in Chicago is trustworthy and professional is by checking their online reviews. You can visit sites like Google, Facebook, or Trustpilot for customer testimonials as well as general feedback from others in the industry.

This will help ensure that your experience working together meets all expectations before signing any contract agreements! As digital marketing and digital technologies continue to evolve, so do the capabilities of each web design company in their respective fields. 

Some digital agencies even go as far as specializing in different industries, or certain types of websites you may need to create for your business.

2. Take a look at the web design agency’s website 

If you’re looking for the best web design agency, make sure they include an impressive portfolio section on their website. 

  • Does the site have professional-looking pages and is it easy to navigate? 
  • Are their featured clients similar in size or scope compared with what I need for my own business? 
  • Are the sites equipped with features that match your needs?
  • Can you identify any previous successful projects they’ve worked on?

3. Reviewing their previous work is the best place to begin

You’ll want to take a look at the websites they’ve created while keeping these questions in mind. 

  • Are sites easy-to-navigate and professional looking? 
  • Is the website design diverse and creative? 
  • Is it clear if their clientele matches yours in size or scope, and what features do they offer to make your site stand out from competitors’ sites?

When you’ve identified the best web design agency that can meet your digital marketing needs, it’s time to turn the process into an official business relationship.

4. It’s important to list your website’s must-haves before you talk with agencies 

This will help ensure that the affordable web design agency of your choice should be able to provide everything that is needed for a successful project. It’s the best way to avoid any unpleasant surprises during negotiations later on in the sales process. So prepare an initial checklist of nonnegotiable requirements early!

In addition to the basic requirements, you might want to add some things that aren’t deal-breakers but could make a difference in your decision. These are just some ideas for what those additional requests might look like: 

  • WordPress experience
  • Responsive design
  • Ability to integrate with third-party systems
  • Specific functionality such as online payments or registration
  • Logo design
  • Secure hosting
  • Content creation
  • Ongoing digital marketing
  • Experience with print design, etc.

5. Creating a budget 

Setting a budget and timeline is the first step to getting your web design done right. You’ll need strong information about how much money you’re willing to spend, as well as when it must be completed for there not to be too many surprises down the line. 

Be sure to ask the web design company questions like “What will my pricing range look like?”. Or even better yet, establish clear milestones so that all parties know what needs doing at each stage of production!

6. The very first call is crucial to establishing a strong partnership 

The first call is essential to gauge if this company can help with your idea. Make sure you and your future digital marketing agency get along well from the start by telling them that their ideas are of high quality, craftsmanship, or any other criteria they may want in an agency partner. This will help keep them motivated while they work for you!

7. Better doesn’t always mean bigger – team size-wise

You might think a larger company is going to be able to do more for you, but in reality, that’s not true. A smaller agency such as MA Team Agency will work on fewer projects at once, which means they can better cater their services towards your needs. 

Also, it will be much easier when it comes time to communicate with them because there aren’t any third parties or a “middle man” around who could confuse things or misunderstand a message. Your projects are sure to get a far better, more personalized approach with a smaller web design firm.


Finding the perfect (and conveniently priced) Chicago web design partner is crucial to your company’s success. You want someone that you feel comfortable with that also has a strong digital marketing background. 

Just keep in mind that finding a web design partner who is the perfect fit for your company takes time. The research we suggested can help you find one that will work. With that said, it’s time to do your homework! Good luck!