Gogopdf: Protect Your HTML Files With These Easy Steps

HTML is a computer language to display images and text on your browser. Without HTML, then websites would not exist. There are cases where we need to save a page on a website as part of a project or do web design. This can be tricky because you will change how the graphics and texts are rendered on a web page when you alter an HTML code. That is why converting is the quickest way to capture the code is by converting it to PDF. A PDF format can never be altered. Thus, this gives you the security you need in storing your files. 

Extra file protection with Gogopdf

Gogopdf has two available versions. One is the general Gogopdf online converter tool. The other one is the Gogopdf pro. They can do all the things you want when you want to convert HTML to PDF. However, the Pro version has advantages that will prove handy for those working with many files or files that are massive. The pro version allows you unlimited upload and download of files. When you are working in batches, you are dealing with files that are not limited to text files. These can be graphic files or HTML files. The latter is unpredictable because a web page can be simple. It can have many programs, images, attachments, or anything that can increase its file size. Doing this with an ordinary converter can take time. 

Converting made easy

The conversion process happens in the cloud. This is independent of your computer resource. There are cases like, for example, when your computer is running out of space, it slows down. Gogopdf avoids this issue by converting your files to the cloud. You save space and also processing power through this method. There is also no limit to how many files you want to convert or how massive the file is. The online tool takes care of anything you give to it. You only need to have these three crucial things:

Compatible with any device 

Your computer doesn’t have to be brand new or expensive. As long as it can launch a browser and connect to the internet, Gogopdf will work. You can also use any operating system available. Gogopdf is compatible with Mac, Linux, or Windows operating systems.

Supports all browsers 

There is no particular or designated browser you need with Gogopdf. It can work with Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, or any browser out there. As long as a browser can run in any operating system, Gogopdf will do its conversion task. Your browser should also be updated for it to work correctly. Cleaning your cache will also help improve the speed of your browser. Some browsers take so much of your computer resources, but they make this up by being fast and reliable. You can also open multiple tabs to run multiple Gogopdf tasks. This will improve your productivity.

Accessible through a stable internet connection

Gogopdf is lightweight and does not require a super-fast internet connection. However, when you are working on multiple tasks, you need a decent to an excellent internet connection. For example, if you are opening five tabs or more in converting all your files, then a good internet speed will also let you finish your task in a short while. This also applies to files that are big and should require a good internet connection to have a good upload and download speed. 

Steps in Converting HTML to PDF

Conversion is easy with Gogopdf. It would help if you did the following, and it should be in order. 

  1. Launch the browser of your choice. Go to the official Gogopdf website. If you don’t have the link on your bookmark, then you can do a Google search and then launch the connection. The interface of the online converter tool is simple. Right on the front page are the tools. Look for HTML to PDF. Clicking on the link should open the converter page. You can drag or drop your files for conversion. 
  2. The Gogopdf tool can convert your HTML file by just posting the link. The engine will look for that link, scan the file in that link and then convert it. Your HTML file will now become a pdf file, ready for distribution and download. 
  3. A copy of your document will remain in the Gogopdf database until such time you decide to delete it. 

The thing to remember when why Gogopdf is the best

  1. Speedy conversion process – Aside from its reliable cloud technology, it also adds a layer of protection to your files. The output is of high quality, ready for distribution or safekeeping.
  2. No need for customization – The settings are automatic. Therefore, there is, in reality, no requirement or need for you to tweak any settings whenever you visit Gogopdf. It is an intuitive online tool that’s meant to be fast and straightforward. You can save time when you make this your exclusive converter tool. 
  3. It supports different operating systems and browsers – If it is the ease of use you are looking for, this online tool is for you. There is no limitation on whether you are using Mac, Linux, or Windows. It supports different browsers and different operating systems. 
  4. Security – Every time you do online tasks, you risk exposing your files to malware, hackers, and viruses. Customer security protection is vital for Gogopdf. So you get a dedicated agent in case you run into trouble. This makes Gogopdf a reliable online tool for any task.
  5. Unlimited cloud storage – It’s like having your file cabinet on the web. Gogopdf will protect your files for future use. Gogopdf, you can also store as many files as you want. This is helpful in situations where all your computer files get wiped out. Hence, having a backup can give you peace of mind and security.