Crop Video Web App by Clideo Review

The crop video web app is a web-based app designed to allow users to crop their videos and remove parts of it that they don’t want or reframe the video entirely.

Why Use the Crop Video Web App?

If you want to know what makes the crop video web app stand out the answer isn’t that difficult: It is easy and convenient to use.

As a web-based app you don’t need to download or install any software to use it. On top of that you can use it on any device or platform, provided you have an internet connection and browser to access the website.

Although it is designed to be simple and straightforward, the crop video web app will ensure that you have everything that you need to crop your videos effectively. It will let you either customize the frame and aspect ratio as you require, or lock it to common aspect ratios such as 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, and 2:3.

In fact it will even provide you with gridlines to make it easier to align and balance out the composition when you frame it.

Aside from that there are several other quality of life features in the crop video web app that are noteworthy, such as its integration with Google Drive and Dropbox that allows you to crop videos that are stored there and then  upload back to them when you’re done. It even has an impressive selection of output formats and encoding settings that can be customized.

How it Works

Using the crop video web app is easy enough, even for complete beginners. It really only requires a few simple steps to crop any video:

  • Add and upload the video by clicking on the ‘Choose Files’ button, dragging and dropping a video file into the window, or clicking one of the icons to add videos from Google Drive, Dropbox or other online sources.
  • Select the aspect ratio and resize the frame based on the new frame that you want the video to have. If you select a specific aspect ratio the frame will be locked to it, or you can select ‘Not Set’ if you want to be able to adjust it manually.
  • Set up the output settings for the format, resolution and quality. Be sure to use the presets to optimize the video for desktop PCs, online use, or mobile devices – or to create an animated GIF.
  • Finish cropping the video by clicking on the ‘Crop’ button and then choose to download it to your device, upload it to cloud storage, or view it in your browser.


Having such an easy way to crop videos will definitely prove useful. With its help you can make sure your videos are in the right aspect ratio, improve their composition, remove watermarks that are near the border, and much more.

Suffice to say it will be worth your while to try out the crop video web app and see what it is capable of, as well as how easy it is to crop videos by using it.