5 Small Business Website Tips You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2020

With 2020 now in full swing, you will be hard-pressed to find a business that isn’t taking advantage of the online market in order to generate leads and increase sales. Regardless of the sector that you specialise in, chances are you have many others in the same boat as you who are fighting for the same custom. As a small business, knowing how to make your presence known should begin by creating an informative and eye-catching website.

Consumers need to be hooked from the minute they land on your page, so whether you’re a newly established company or you have many years of experience under your belt, here are five small business website tips that you can’t afford to ignore.

Prepare Your Website Strategy

No matter what your expertise is in, every successful small business website needs a well thought through strategy in place. There are various questions that you need to address before getting started, such as who your audience is, what goals and objectives you want to achieve, as well as the type of content you want to provide for your website visitors. Ideally, this should be laid out in your business plan, which can help you stay on track.

Set a Clear Page Hierarchy

Once you have developed your goals and objectives, the next step to take is to ensure that website visitors can easily find your content. To do this effectively, you need to make sure that your page hierarchy is clear. Having breadcrumb navigation placed at the top of your website will allow visitors to navigate through your website with ease, helping them to seek out the content they want.

Keep Things Simple

For an effective small business website, it’s best to keep your design and text as simple as it can be. While you may think overloading your page with content and graphics is the answer, consumers will find it harder to navigate through your page. All in all, having uncluttered text and visuals will make the most significant impact on your audience. While on the topic of simplicity, it’s better to stick to a minimalist colour scheme too.

Make Your Design Responsive

You may be surprised to hear that up to 90% of small business owners forget about users who have smaller devices such as a smartphone. With many of us making use of technology, users tend to head to their phones to check out websites, so it’s important that you make your website responsive and optimized for mobile users.

Get a Helping Hand

If you aren’t the most tech-savvy, creating a website from scratch may be the last thing you want to do. Thankfully, there are lots of companies out there who specialise in Website Design. Look for one that suits your budget.

Understandably, your main focus and drive will be to attract as many consumers as possible to your small business. For this to happen, it’s vital that you have a responsive and informative website that can point consumers in the right direction.