Top 10 Countries to Outsource Software Development in 2020

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  • Why do companies use outsourcing?
  • Top 10 countries for outsourcing
  • Conclusion

Why do companies use outsourcing?

The industry of outsourcing development is growing by the number of different factors. It is vital to have highly competent IT specialists for companies in order to be ready to apply innovative technologies. The USA, Canada, and Western Europe are regions, where demand for new specialists connected with complicated technology progressively is increased. The main problem for these countries is a lack of workforce, while the existing specialists increased the prices for their services. So, in this case, outsourcing software development companies are the way to get out of the current situation with the benefits. In 2020, it helps to get the additional workforce, saving a firm budget, and developing own business by new innovative methods.  

Top 10 countries for outsourcing


Ukraine is known for the well-educated IT specialists, which deal with numerous technologies. Being one of the best IT outsourcing countries, Ukraine offers rational rates from $20 to $45/h and high quality of work. Moreover, there is no important cultural difference and time zone overlap for cooperation. The statistics speak for itself: 3,6 k ICT providers, 1k+ IT companies and 250k+ IT, specialists. Scala, Java, and C++ are some outsource software examples of programming languages that are mutual in Ukraine. For example, you can hire this outsources software development company, which has vast experience in the IT-sphere.


The IT industry in Poland is one of the main sectors of the Polish economy. The need for the workforce in the growing EU economy is increased, so searching the IT outsourcing countries, European companies often go with Poland. It offers the biggest number of working places in Central Europe because over 118,000 IT specialists work here. They apply various technologies and specialize in outsourced and hardware design services.


The tech industry in Spain shows steady growth in the European IT sector. Madrid holds the seventh spot in the number of developers in Europe (111,800), according to the State of European Tech 2018 report. In addition, a growing number of IT outsourcing companies continue to expand their own technology departments, which take this sector to a new level.


IDC and Gartner industry reports included Belarus to the top list of IT outsourcing companies in 2019. In fact, half of their developers work for outsourcing. The IT industry has also essential support from the government. Belarus capital, Minsk – the residence for IT development activities, offers viable rates $20 – $40/h which makes this location very attractive.


In 2019 India has gained the leading positions between the outsourcing countries. The country stands for this direction for more than 25 years that’s why has a huge number of steady specialists. Clients are usually can find here workable and one of the lowest prices. At the same time, you can face with still persisted issues as cultural reconcilability, technical skills, or business process organization. Nevertheless, it is real to get first-rate results, cooperating with the best Indian outsourcing companies.  


Malaysia has a few outsourcing developers, but it always gets a high rate among top service providers. It helps Malaysian companies seriously contend with India and China. This country is oriented on mid-sized companies, which can find here optimal value for money with minimal risks.


The strategy of China revolves around the enlargement of business and political environments, so the try to improve the quality of the services and skill level of developers at their outsourcing companies. Their outsourcing developers continue to obtain increased salaries. As a result, rates for services are higher than the rest of Asia.


Mexico is able to offer proper service prices and an educated workforce. However, this industry is rather new, so there is a huge space for improvement for both the programming and business management sides of the collaboration. Mexican companies also have support from the government that is interested in investments of international clients.


Colombia is attracted by the increasing number of young outsourcing developers. Colombian Universities train more than 13,000 IT-related specialists each year. Geographical locations attract US-based Customers from the US often deal with this country because of a convenient location. The best telecommunication and electrical infrastructure help Colombian companies to take high places in Latin America IT-sector.


Argentina constantly develops its economy and international relationships. Their educational institutions prepare high-skilled specialists who are willing to work. Argentina is taken on 65% of the design efforts of most Internet startups between all Latin America IT outsourcing countries.


Each year software development needs more complex approaches that make outsourcing a significant business solution. Such cooperation has minimal risks and a lot of benefits. If you decide to apply for software outsourcing, you can find a lot of offers from different countries, for example, Ukraine, Poland, Spain, India, and others. Each country has numerous advantages to offer. Every needs and budget can be satisfied thereby getting appropriate conditions and proper results of fulfilled work.