Reasons Why Your Agency Need to Use White Label SEO

As an SEO agency, you have a duty to protect your clients. But how do you do this?

First, you need to acknowledge certain limitations in your work. The limitations are in terms of time and money constraints.

If you want your agency to grow, don’t let these limitations trap you. So, how do you manage to look after your existing clients, manage growth and get more customers to your agency? Well, by use of white label SEO.

What is White Label SEO?

It’s a combination of two crucial models- the white labeling and SEO.

White label entails buying a product from the manufacturer and branding it as your own.

White labeling is different from outsourcing in that you don’t inform clients of your arrangement with the manufacturer. So, all the products are packaged under your agency’s brand.

So, if your client asks for an SEO report, the white label provider will avail these documents to you. You can then send them to your customers.

Combining the white label and SEO services allows you to improve your client’s website visibility online, without doing the heavy lifting.

How Does White Label SEO Work to Your Advantage

  • It Provides a New Stream of Revenue

Most startup digital marketing agencies offer only one service to their customers. For instance, you can start by offering website design or graphics. If you’re good in social media, you can start by managing their social media platforms.

But if you want to generate other revenue streams, you must be ready to open your business to other opportunities. For instance, website design is a single project that doesn’t bring any recurring revenue. So, what happens if you run out of web design clients?

Well, there is always an opportunity to cross-sell or upsell a solution to your customers. For instance, if you design a website for your client, you can offer SEO services to rank their site.

The white label SEO program allows you to complement the available solutions. It not only boosts your business but also offers value to your customers, giving them a reason to seek your services even more.

  • Offers Solution that Shapes Your Competencies

Most customers want an SEO agency that’ll meet their needs. Therefore, if you don’t have the skills they need, they’ll move to your competitors.

But there’s a challenge.

Agency owners don’t come from a single digital marketing background. Some focus on selling services and barely know anything relating to the technical aspects.

Learning these aspects takes time. But between talking to clients and juggling responsibilities, do you have time to learn new tricks?

Of course not.

However, working with a white label SEO provider ensures your client’s campaigns fall into the right hands. With this, your agency receives exposure to digital marketing strategies that would be unavailable if you were handling the projects by yourself.


As an SEO agency, you need to know the right time to delegate work. Make sure you only prioritize on what’s good for your agency and its clients.