Why you Must Try Clashot on your iOS?

Instagram and other similar apps have made an amateur photographer to look professional. Professional touch is just fingertips away from you. Perhaps, this is the reason why you see Facebook going ahead and acquiring this giant. The inbuilt filters and effects make it very easy for even a wannabe photographer to give the images a professional touch.

What if I tell you that now you can turn your amateurish photo into a money machine? It sounds too good to be TRUE. The developers of Depositphotos have come up with an app named “clashot“. It not only helps in turning your pictures into a professional photograph but also gives you a chance to share it with the world and earn pocket money or side income consequently. The app is similar to instagarm which is the most used app for sharing photos and videos these days. But unlike instagram, Clashot uses a reporting tool. Reporting tool is something like you take photo, apply filters to it and then upload on clashot so community members can rate it. An editorial team of clashot approves your photo and further get hosted on the Depositphotos.


Brief Look

Clashot is an ios application supported on iphone, ipad and ipod touch only, with multiple language support. Unlike some normal way of buying and selling photos, Clashot is something socially embedded for sharing your photographs and making a virtual identity among group of people. It takes your mobile photos to another level. You can not only share your mobile photos but can also share photos taken from professional camera through your mobile. With this app you can know others creativity in photography and know your status among them in this field.



Clashot is a simple app. There is built in camera in the app that allows you to take the shots. You can take the fresh new photo or choose from your camera roll. All you have to do is take a photo and upload it. Once the photos are approved by the team, they are kept for sale. Stock photos are used in many fields like media agencies, advertising company news agencies and many more. Many agencies want to buy such photos. So if your photos are chosen by them then pay you money for your shot.

Clashot also provides service to those people who take shots with their professional cameras. All they have to do is transfer the photos in the iPhone and then upload it on Clashot. Many filter effects are kept to edit the photos make it look more bright and beautiful.

Profile making

Using the app for the first time, you have to first sign up with the account of clashot. By signing up you create your personal individual profile and further you can add your personal details. You can connect your Clashot account with Facebook, Twitter and Google+ also to enhance your photography shots.


This is something similar to the Facebook Newsfeed. As said earlier this app is socially embedded, you can see various photos taken by other people in this app, just like instagram. Resembling Facebook it also gives the option to like comment and share their photos. Clashot has website support as well, making the bigger exposure.


Naturally, Clashot is a new app, so in stating phases there are some bugs in the app. With the update of app these bugs should be fixed. Many more tools must be added for photo editing and filter effects should be added more. Right now Clashot gives you only 44% of commission of the cost to the user which is very less. The commission ratio must also be increased.


Overall, Clashot is a great app. If you are a passionate photographer with no big cameras with you, and would like to utilize your secondary camera then Clashot is the best weapons you have got. Before that, we want you to check Extended License Agreement Depositphotos to know your rights.  Clashot is a nice way to monetize your passion. You can download Clashot On iTunes store for your iPhone or iPod Touch. The application requires iOS 5 or earlier versions to run.