What You Need to Know About Becoming a Marketing Coordinator

Marketing is the pillar that holds up the whole structure that is any business selling anything. Such businesses include retailers, wholesalers, service businesses, and so on.

A great example of effective marketing that has stayed consistent for a quarter of a century is by Red Bull, so following in their steps is a goal many businesses strive towards.

Marketing comes in many different shapes and forms, ranging from digital marketing to guerilla marketing and so much more, but the person behind leading all these methods is the marketing coordinator.

Our economy runs on the circulation of money which has led to jobs that accomplish that becoming essential and sought after. According to Lensa a marketing coordinator is the second most demanded field in NYC currently. This fact gives insight into the reality of how important this role is.

The question here is, what does a marketing coordinator do?

The tasks of a marketing coordinator

The role of a marketing coordinator is essentially a manager, data analyst, and designer all in one. Your role in this field is to first review customer behavior and research things such as trends, customer habits, target audiences, and so on.

You will be creating marketing campaigns, tracking, and managing them alongside specialists and managers, reviewing competitors, analyzing sales data, organizing all promotional events, preparing forecasts, and working with designers to achieve the best possible results, which will later also get analyzed.

There are many different types of marketing coordinators, so let’s skim through them.

Types of coordinators

There are a couple of types of coordinators that happen to simply be more specialized. You can coordinate content, products, social media, as well as be a digital marketing coordinator or an influencer marketing coordinator.

All of these subclasses for this line of work are related to their respective job titles, so as a social media marketing coordinator, you focus on social media marketing campaigns, and so on.


To be able to properly pursue this job, you should have a degree in marketing or any relevant field, have experience with data analysis software, SEO or SEM campaigns, strong communication and direct presentational skills, understand CRM, as well as be familiar with Content Management System and other such software.

For your workplace skills, communication was mentioned already, but you should also be able to organize (which is the premise of this field), be creative and ambitious, and be able to work with teams and adapt to different types of people.

This rings true with targeted customers especially since you are trying to sell to them.

In this career path, you will need loads of valuable experience to get hired by bigger names. As a marketing coordinator, you usually start as an intern and then get hired into a marketing position. Depending on your performance, it takes about one to three years to advance to a leadership position after getting hired.

How to become a successful marketing coordinator

Not everyone is cut out for this versatile line of work that deals with a lot of people on many different scales. Strong communication was already mentioned, but you should also have the ability to notice small details, manage your time extremely efficiently (meaning you must multitask and will have short deadlines), and also understand your company and its history.

Nowadays you will also need to properly understand social media and today’s different demographics, including knowing what they enjoy to a larger extent. There have been countless examples of company marketing campaigns simply not understanding what teens look for, ending in an internet fame disaster.

If your company is aiming for multiple demographics, you should look for overlapping interests between them so you can cover everything within your marketing campaign.

You should also learn from your company’s competitors by either imitating or doing something different than them. The competitors are like examples for your company to take advantage of, so as a marketing coordinator it is your job to analyze their success through different means.

Where is this career headed?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics within the U.S. predicts a 6% growth in the general marketing and advertising field between 2019 and 2029 and their prediction has been seeing positive growth so far.

The average salary for this line of work is around $50,000 US but provides the possibility to go forward and earn more. This career provides a lot of satisfaction to those who work in it overall, especially when marketing for a cause that aids customers or sends a strongly ethical message such as when working as a marketing coordinator within the medical field.