Top 10 Educational Tech Blogs to Follow

In the modern age of rapidly developing technology, our world and life are changing in giant steps. Education and educational technologies change as well to meet the requirements of the present days. To keep up with the fast-paced world and contemporary life one should also be ready for the changes and absorb the new knowledge and information eagerly.

At present people have an opportunity to improve schooling at every stage and level for each and every person eager to learn. That’s why nowadays it’s vital that the teachers, tutors, and students get immediate and trouble-free access to all the innovations, new methods, devices, programs, and technologies, which allow them to cope with all the educational challenges of the modern world.

Fortunately, lots of talented educators like brainy bro have now blogs touching upon the most up-to-date issues in teaching and learning and sharing the best technologies to be used for effective learning.

Here we’d like to share with you the top 10 tech blogs, which to our mind keep the leading positions among the other educational resources online.

1. The Innovative Educator

Have you ever felt bored with your school or thought that the knowledge gained there is irrelevant? We should tell you the truth – you are not alone. Lisa Nielsen is one of those, who have felt the same, but she was motivated with the disillusionment in current teaching approach of public schools. Now Lisa demonstrates the other teachers and tutors the ways to apply, implement and use the technologies and resources, which are able to arouse interest with their students and make their activities more relevant and classes more engaging. More than that the girl shares the nitty-gritty details on how to infix technologies and use them without budget struggles or overcoming other restrictions.

2. EdTech RoundUp

This is an ideal source of the latest news and innovations details in the sphere of educational technologies. The weekly published posts provide the readers with the comprehensive overview of the newly released applications, devices, and overall news in the field. Being not so abundant in innovative ideas as some other resources, it still allows getting to know about the latest happenings and progress in the sphere, more than that you can do it in one and same place on weekly basis.

3. Edudemic

It can by right be called the largest hub on online educational content. Besides, it shares with the teachers and tutors the ways and ideas on how to integrate technology in teaching through special lesson plans. The person who visits the site for the first time may be a bit overwhelmed due to the amount and variability of the attention-catching content. However, the new broad and original ideas shared here will definitely make you come back to this site again and again.

4. The Daring Librarian

Gwyneth Jones, known as the Daring Librarian and the blog author, is sure one hundred percent librarians can have much fun. She approaches the process of education with lots of humor, multiple cartoons, and short videos illustrating her story. Gwyneth combines sharing excellent content, innovative ideas, and approaches to ed tech implementation in the classrooms and amusing stories which will never leave you untouched. Most likely you will laugh aloud, if not it this blog will definitely put a smile on your face.

5. MindShift

The name of the blog is quite talking, it is able to give a shift to your mind when you are tired of the similar ideas, you come across in different sources. MindShift is really a bit edgier and that is why it can make your mind open to the totally new ideas and fringe topics. Here you will also find plenty of topics to discuss with your colleagues as unique and original opinions of the experts in the field of education are often shared here as well.

6. Edutopia

Being the resource of George Lucas Educational Establishment, the site provides good information on how to infix technology in classroom activities. All the data contained on the site is divided into the categories according to the age groups and topics, so it’s easy for the teachers to find the information and ideas, which fit their current necessities and curriculum. Everyone can find here plenty of practical ideas, interesting quizzes and exciting videos to use in the educational process or simply watch to gain inspiration if you do not look for anything special.

7. Cycles of Learning

Richard Byrne has done a great work and collected on his site multiple free resources, applications, videos and graphics, which can facilitate educators in their teaching process. The main aim of the author is to help teachers with technology implementation, which still remains a great challenge for many of the tutors. We should admit he managed to create a real treasury, clear for any teacher and even the least tech-savvy one can benefit from his great practical advice and instructions.

8. Cycles of Learning

This site is also filled with practical ideas and valuable tech hacks, which relieve the life of any teacher if applied. Ramsay Musallam, the author, focuses on simple things, however, they work to motivate students for real learning through technology usage in the classroom. Thus, the author demonstrates that everything can be hacked, even learning.

9. Steve Hargadon

The blog is full of valuable ideas and precious information on using the technology while teaching, one should in no way be fooled with the simple design and lack of flash on the site. Being one of the top experts in the field of modern educational technologies, Steve really knows all the ropes of modern education and he is sure to share only the most innovative ideas with his readers. You are the lucky one, just take and implement the most up-to-date technologies following his expert opinion.

10. My Paperless Classroom

Sam Patterson, the author, eagerly shares his ideas on how to implement non-trivial ideas in the classroom. Have you ever thought of using Minecraft world or videos in your teaching? Here you can not only find the advice on how to work with it but also get to know about the possible pitfalls and challenges, you may face on the way. The site reveals what a tech integration really is in the educational process, be prepared to learn it.

You are sure to have bookmarked most if not all of the sites mentioned above, but keep in mind that the educational process and technology changes continuously and it’s essential to follow the most up-to-date news in the field. Creative educational blogs appear rather often nowadays and you should get acquainted with all of them not to miss some brilliant ideas, smart approaches, and excellent innovations. Only in such a way, you will be able to keep up with modern educational tendencies, become a really Innovative educator, manage to motivate your students and gain their love.