Three Tips to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Creating a website that is both functional on the web and functional on the mobile platform are two very different beasts. The first must be optimized for scrolling, and a larger screen. Mobile ready sites are quite the opposite. They still need to have many of the options of a regular website, but they also need to have the functionality associated with a mobile device. In a sense, a mobile design needs to be simple, easy to access, and have a variety of social and ecommerce plugins for it to be successful.

Mobile Friendly Website

Simplicity Is the Key

If you notice, most mobile sites that have the highest traffic and score high on the usability scale are quite simple in design. Having a lot of data for a mobile user to mine through is just a pain rather than a plus. Mobile users are usually on the go, and they need their data and information to travel well with them. If your template isn’t easy for the customer to use, you won’t gain their loyalty to your site and product. They will find what they need somewhere else. WordPress is a good example of a technology-themed site that works well for a variety of needs within the IT community. Most IT sites have a lot of data, and the website template will need to have a data management design that is simple and functions well.

Create an App

Create an app for you website so it’s easy to access. Don’t make your customers search for you. If they like what you have to offer, they’ll stay loyal and share with their friends. Not all technology website templates have app templates. In fact, app development is a little further behind than the mobile ready design templates. Not everyone has an app that is mobile ready. You can even create incentives for users to download your app to increase engagement and promote your mobile site. For some technology-driven sites, having the ease of mobile at their fingertips is a great asset. Think of investment websites that are on mobile. It’s quite a bit of technology to fit into a mobile site, yet if it’s done in a simple way that targets exactly what your audience is looking for, its functionality will be great.

Know Your Audience

If you know your target audience, then increasing engagement and making your mobile site more interactive will be much easier. Knowing what features and plugins will appeal to your audience will be important to include. A template for a technology website will not be the same as one for a social media website, but it should definitely have social media components. Knowing your target audience will also help with marketing and advertising, both for your mobile site, and for getting other companies to advertise through your site. This is important because it can put money in your pocket.

A mobile website is more important now than ever. Designing a usable, target-audience-driven site that is easy to market is a large part of having a successful mobile website design.