Four Things to Consider When Creating a Business Logo Design

One of the most important elements of your new business will be your business logo design. The colors, shape, text, typeface and icon all tell a combined story. The story of your business. It tells your customer what you stand for and what your brand identity is. No wonder that creating a business logo can be very time consuming, but spending time and investing a bit of money can save you a lot of time, money and headaches later on.

There are quite a few things to consider when creating your own business logo design, but the following four will get you started at least.

Keep it simple

Some of the most memorable logos are also the simplest ones. Take for example Nike with their swoosh, Apple with their apple, Twitter, the Olympics. And these are the logos that do not even have any copy on them and still most people would recognize them in an instant.

Not only is it easier for people to remember something simple, it is also easier for you to use. Without copy or too much tiny little details, you can slap the logo on basically anything.

Using four words and three colors is a good start when getting your business logo design going. Also watch out for using too much thin detail for type and artwork and try to stay with only one design effect to not make the logo too busy.

Who are you?

If you want your logo to be easy to remember you need it to be as close to what you stand for as possible. It should be uncommon and have a relation to your products. Does the logo give the consumer an idea of what you do? Can the image be wrongly interpreted? Does the logo work on its own, without the support of further communication like an ad or website?

This is just one of the things that can give business logo designs a boost and make them more memorable than others. How does your business want to come across? Fun, traditional, approachable, innovative? For each of these characteristics there are different sets of colors, icons, shapes or fonts to bring across your message.

Stay away from clipart!

It can be a tedious and long process to find your perfect logo, but it’s worth designing something unique for your business. You may be tempted to simply pick a nice icon from clipart, but as the icons found there look rather cheap it will make your business come across unprofessional.

It’s worth investing in a good business logo designer to help you design something unique for your business.

Stay flexible

As your logo will not only be used on your own website, but also on social media, advertising, third-party websites, envelopes, letters, products and perhaps promotional materials you will need to have a flexible logo. You may use a full logo whenever you have space, but for a square profile image on Facebook you may need to show just an icon. The icon and the full logo will both need to make sense together and be recognizable when used separately.