5 Dos and Don’ts For New Illustrators

The profession of illustration is an extremely diversified and scattered one and to get success in this challenging career you need to be aware of the facets that can positively contribute and instill productivity in the work you create.  Keeping in mind the struggle that amateur illustrators often face when they step into this field. We have compiled 5 viable tips that will enlighten you about what you should do and what you need to avoid in order to get success.

Do Challenge Yourself & Be Versatile

The foremost thing for an illustrator is to embrace unique challenges that you experience when you are working for clients who are highly demanding. Start with developing your own style and knowing your area of interest first and be determined to invest your time and efforts in creating new and innovative designs. This is the phase where artists often get frustrated but the struggle also enables them to produce best quality work.

Do Build Your Portfolio

It does not matter whether you are creating a logo design or involved in any other sort of designing you have to build a portfolio of your work and store collection of the designs that you have successfully made so far. By doing so, you can distinguish yourself easily from your competitors and let your clients know in what ways your designs are unique and distinctive from the rest. Another advantage of having your own portfolio is it will help you organize your artwork that will enable you to attract the clients who perfectly fit in your scope.

Don’t Follow Trends Slavishly

The take away from this point is you have to create a timeless design that does not just fade away when the trend disappears. Some newbie Illustrators often fell into the trap of trying to fit in what is currently prevailing in the market. They do not realize, if they keep following the design trends they will eventually lose uniqueness and their designs will no longer serve its purpose to inspire.  Therefore, it is preferable if you derive inspiration from those trends and do not just imitate it.

Scale Your Business by Finding Customers

Once you are done with designing your portfolio, it is now time to figure out how to sell your work. This is the time when illustrators start encountering all the possible ways through which they can sell their designs. You have to decide on markets that are profitable and can generate for you stream of revenues. As soon as you start making money, you will get a clear understanding of your potential customers. In addition, how they are going to buy what you are selling. This way you will be able to create a marketing strategy that will help you grow your business efficiently and more rapidly.

Do Not Undervalue Your Talent

Remember that the greatest achievement in doing creative work lies in your ability to be persistent and not losing hope when you find your work to be difficult or less enjoyable. As you will come across some projects that might challenge you and it is where you need to remind yourself that the quality of your work can be determined by how much creative crises you experience and most importantly, what you learn from it will predict the success of an illustrator. Do not forget that ideas worth nothing if you are unable to execute it artistically. The key is to reveal your hidden talents and never let disappointments make you underrate your talent.

Wrapping Up

Becoming a professional illustrator takes time and requires you to invest considerate efforts with utmost dedication and passion. The valuable tips mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg that can help you get started with your career as an illustrator. In addition, you can easily master this skill if you are able to embrace your uniqueness and have the courage to pursue a path that gives you an edge over those who are in the same field.