Vital Website Design Tips For A Financial Services Industry Website

One of the first things you realize as a web designer is that sites in the financial industry are very dull. They are rarely updated and fresh content is not often added. Because of this, whenever a really good design for a financial services site is seen, like the one here, it stands out of the crowd. People are more interested to learn about the business and it is easier to get a new customer. This is why every single website designer working in this industry needs to be aware of the following essentials.

Always Build Responsive Websites

There are not many things that are worse than having a site that is not responsive, especially in the financial services industry since the number of people using mobile devices for browsing is really high. People quickly want to find information and they use their smartphones to do this. If the website they find is really hard to navigate, which is almost always the case with sites that are not responsive, they just look for another service provider.

Keep in mind that potential clients are busy. They want everything delivered to them fast. At the same time, having a site that looks great is a sign of professionalism. Responsive web design does just that. When the site looks really bad on a mobile device, potential clients believe that you are not serious.

Using Videos Instead Of Images

While we definitely cannot remove images from a website, it is a really good idea to invest in video development. Visitors are always a lot more likely to watch the short video highlighting a company message than scrolling, going through a lot of text or clicking. Nowadays, video content is paramount for financial sector websites since it drastically increases engagement.

Effective Call To Action

The call to action (CTA) in the financial industry is really important. It needs to be present on the site in appropriate areas and has to be taken into account when the initial website design draft is created. A CTA has a huge value in its placement, message and in the strategy you use for marketing purposes. Financial industry sites are always interested in lead conversions. Without properly adding good CTAs to pages, lead conversions are very low.

Minimalism As The Norm

When you visit a financial website that is filled with fancy graphics and animations you are tempted to move away as you unwillingly end up believing that the company is not professional. The best website design in this industry is the one that is cool, slick and simple. The visitor needs to see easy navigation, subtle interactions and animations. All these have to respond as users click or scroll.

The simplified site is the main trend of the year and the truth is that businesses have been moving towards minimalism for a long time. This is just because of the really high interaction created. User experience and user interaction need to be huge priorities for the website designer in this industry. People that need financial services just cannot waste time. They need answers fast.