Tips For Designing A More Creative Website

You don’t have to be an artist to want to make your website look artful. The artistry of a website is often one of the major things that attracts people to check your stuff out. If it’s just a bunch of jumbled words on a page people are going to get bored pretty quickly, and it can be hard to read after a while.

You don’t just want to be creative and colorful with your website, you also want to make sure that things are laid out well so that it is appealing that way as well. Break up paragraphs, use subtitles to separate ideas and make your copy look cleaner.

Aside from that, you can also do the following things to help spruce up your website and make it more creative and attractive.

Make Sure You Have Color

You may want to make sure that you choose your website colors specifically for what it is you want your site to tell people. Some designers believe that the colors green and red promote hunger, which is why they are often used by restaurants. You may want people to get excited about your site, or maybe be calmed by it, so you should pick colors that evoke these emotions.

Colors also matter when it comes to background and font. While you may want to creatively color both of these, you want to consider how easily people can read them, and how well they show up on mobile devices as well. Take some time to check your look on tablets and smartphones, not just on the computer you use for designing.

Use Quality Photos

Photos give people something more than words to look at when they visit a blog or website. They help them get a clearer picture of what they are reading as well. That is why it is also important to include high quality photos on your website to give it a more artistic and creative look.

Make sure the photos have something to do with the page or post you are putting them on though. You don’t want to confuse your readers. You could also use abstract art or something like that, that just ads some color and definition to your posts.

Use Creative And Descriptive Wording

Creativity shouldn’t end with photos and colors, you should also use creative and descriptive words when you are writing blog posts or even writing the about page for your business. Write it so that people can picture what you are telling them about.

Think of one of your favorite novels you’ve read lately and how you could picture the characters or their home, or the area they were having a conversation in. This is what you want to capture.

A creative blog or website is going to be far more attractive to people, so do what you can to make it so.