Tips For Consistent Branding in Your Web Design

Consistency in web design is more important than ever right now, largely because there’s so much competition online for attention, and so many similar products and services. Because there’s really no barrier for entry into the virtual world, the main thing to work on as a web designer is that your presentation has to be perfectly genuine and unique to exactly the image you’re putting out for yourself.

For examples of consistency, consider the color of money, why fonts are important, why tone makes a difference, the desire for instant recognition, and why it’s so important to get the right balance of textual repetition inside of your web framework.

The Color Of Money

Take the simple example of consistent coloring inside a particular topic. What is the color of money? Green, obviously! And so it’s no surprise that something like a website dealing with debt would have a primary focus on the color green. Can you imagine a website about money that highlighted the color red? It wouldn’t look quite right. So early on in your planning, decide what basic color spectrum is most associated with your content, and work around that as an immediate design possibility.

Fonts Are Important

Choosing a font is another big decision when it comes to consistent branding. There are probably tens of thousands of high-quality fonts to use out there, but someone at the web designer level is going to have to make a decision and then stick to it. Too many fonts, or the wrong font, can give off the wrong impression and turn people away before they even know what the content is about.

Keep Tone Straight Across Platforms

And you don’t need consistency just with your graphic elements either. One often overlooked aspect of web design branding is in terms of tone. If you write at an 8th-grade level, stick with it all along your content. If you write at the college level, and with an adversarial tone, stick with that. The more consistent your tone, the more your readership can dig in knowing what to expect.

Aim For Instant Recognition

The best brands are instantly recognizable. Even if it seems far-fetched or dreamy from your small-business perspective, if you always aim for that end result, you’ll do better with your journey along the way.

Choose the Degree of Repetition Wisely

And finally, the degree of repetition that you work with as a designer has to hit just the right balance between good and bad psychology is very important. And not only for SEO purposes, but also for figuring out how many times people have to hear your name and see your brand before remembering it in their subconscious.