The Best Colors to Use When Designing a Fashion Website

Colors are extremely important when it comes to developing a business’s brand, as well as a business website. This is because, beyond making your business presentation an attractive one, colors can actually influence the way that people feel about a brand. Even a fashion website needs to have the right color scheme in place in order to evoke the right emotions in its visitors, readers, and shoppers.

Best Colors to Use When Designing a Fashion Website

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What are the best colors to use whenever you are designing fashion websites, such as online clothing boutiques? Keep reading to learn more.

Appeal to Gender with the Right Colors

If your fashion website will be directed towards a female audience, you should create a color scheme that includes shades of green, purple, and blue. These are the colors that women, in particular, prefer. You want to stay away from colors that women don’t like, which are usually brown, orange, and gray.

Men, on the other hand, don’t like purple, orange, and brown, but they do prefer black, green, and blue. Therefore, if you want to appeal to both genders, it’s a good idea to stick with shades of blue and green.

Know the Meanings of Different Colors

Having even just a vague idea of what every color means in the business world will help you design a fashion website that won’t only attract, but also retain, visitors.

For example, red is a high-energy color that’s perfect for calling people to take action. Orange is a color that inspires enthusiasm, while yellow can be used to stimulate the attention and the mind, such as when you need to post a warning that will easily be seen. Green inspires compassion, and it is often associated with nature. Blue inspires a sense of trust, while purple is usually associated with creativity.

So, depending upon what you want every area of your website to say, you can choose the appropriate background color, images, and font colors to evoke those particular feelings in your visitors.

The Benefits of Black

Even though you may not think of black when you think of your website’s color scheme, the truth is that this color can have a really profound impact upon how people view your site. Black is often associated with power, sophistication, elegance, and luxury. It’s also associated with glamour, and it’s a timeless and classic color that will never go out of style.

If your website is focused upon high-end fashion and the top designers’ offerings, you should consider adding some black throughout your site. And if you’re selling original fashion products through an online store, use black in order to make visitors view your clothing and mush have accessories for girls as high quality, luxury items.

You may be surprised to learn about the impact that colors have on your fashion website’s visitors, but the truth is that color is one of the most important design elements that you need to consider as you develop your site if you want to achieve the best results. Keep the above tips in mind in order to make the right color scheme decisions.